5 Reasons Not To Mention Your MLM On Your Blog

5 Reasons Not To Mention Your MLM On Your Blog5 Reasons not to mention your MLM on your blog if you want to brand YOU, build trust and grow your email list faster.  Isn’t that want you want?

Many new bloggers want to tell the world about their MLM Company and products.  I understand….you are proud of the company and the products your represent.  However, that is not the way you build your MLM business online.  If you blog about your company and their products you open yourself up to so many issues.

Branding you, providing content your readers want and need, building a relationship and trust are critical factors and what you want to do.  Make sure you also understand what you should not do on your blog.

 5 Reasons Not To Mention Your MLM On Your Blog

#1: You should be promoting and branding YOU and not your company.

When you blog mentions your MLM Company and their products and services then your are promoting the MLM Company’s brand.  You want to be building a brand around YOU not your company.    Otherwise what sets you apart from every other person who is representing your MLM Company and their products?   Your blog should be a part of your branding.   To learn: Branding You

#2: Your MLM Company may not allow you to promote your MLM on your blog.

Most MLM Companies have a very strict policy regarding how, where and when their company name and company logo can be used.  There are trying to protect their own branding.   Usually the MLM Company will provide you with a process for getting approval from either their marketing department or their legal department before you’re even allowed to use their logo and product information on your site.    And, you are subjecting yourself to the requirement of ongoing approval of your blog and the necessity to make changes they dictate.   What they approve today they might not approve in a few months if they change their policy.

#3: You want your funnel to be as wide as possible to generate lead.

Your focus and the focus of your blog is to generate leads and to build your list.  Therefore, the wider your funnel the greater the opportunity to capture more leads.  If your MLM Company and their products are a mentioned on your blog then you are possibility raises more than one objection in your prospect’s mind.   It can at a minimum make your prospect hesitant about giving you their name and email address because they might be concerned you are going to try to push your products or opportunity on them.

By providing content that your prospects wants and needs, you have a greater chance of connecting with them, building a relationship with them, gaining their trust and then getting them to give you their name and email address via your autoresponder.   Once they are in your autoresponder you now have an opportunity to start a conversation with them about a number of things including your MLM.

#4: Your prospects could be sponsor shopping or doing a Google search.

If you mention your MLM Company your open yourself up sponsor shopping and a Google search before you’ve had a chance to build a relationship with the prospect and then capture their name and email address.   Think about it…if you put your MLM Company’s name, logo or products on your blog, almost everyone who visits your blog will Google your MLM Company and you’ve lost control.

Once your prospects starts the Google search process, you can loose them to another sponsor or they may read something that is not flattering to the company by a disgruntled person and now you have lost them.   You need to build the relationship with your prospects before you ever mention your MLM Company.

#5: Your relationship with your MLM could change and where would that leave you?

What if you have built your blog around your MLM and you decide you want to leave MLM Company for whatever reason.   Maybe they change their comp plan, maybe they implement new policies…you get the idea.   You don’t want to have spend all your time and energy on a blog that talks about your MLM Company and then all that time is wasted if you want to make a change.

Ok…I hope you get the idea!

So while you are diligently working to grow your blog audience and build your email list, you don’t want to do things that will set back your efforts.   Therefore, keep in mind the 5 reasons not to mention your MLM on your blog.


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