Ann Sieg Renegade Team Workshop

Renegade TeamAnn Sieg Renegade Team Workshop was held in Minnesota in January 2012.  What an event!  This was the first Renegade Team Workshop and Ann Sieg along with her 80/20 Marketing Team over delivered.

A group of approximately 30 entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and businesses showed up to this working event to learn, to take action, to support each other and to create momentum in their individual businesses.   The size of this group was perfect because it gave us the opportunity to really focus on each person and what was needed to get their business moving forward.

I was privileged to be both an attendee and a guest speaker for theWorkshop.  Some of the topics covered were:

  • Identifying Your Niche and USP
  • Keyword Research and SEO Optimizing Your Blog
  • Marketing Funnel Set Up and Optimization
  • Traffic Generation: Free and Paid
  • Promoting Your MLM Into Your Funnel
  • Closing Your Leads Into Sales

This was a very interactive workshop.   The floor was open at various times for Q&A and no question was off limits.  People came to learn what they needed to do to move their business forward and Ann Sieg along with her 80/20 Marketing Team came prepared to show the group steps they needed to take to create their own success.

Several of the attendees got to participate in the “Hot Seat”.  Michelle Geyer was one of those who were on the “Hot Seat” and here is what she had to say about the experience:

For twenty solid minutes, she asked me questions about my target market (or “niche”) and my ideal customer (or “avatar”) that have solidified my business plan and allowed me to grow my business in leaps and bounds in just one week. I now have a laser focus on who I can help (and how) with my unique skills.  I cannot begin to describe the value of this mastermind to me personally and to my business.  I am so very fortunate to be a part of this team!  Michelle Geyer

As an added feature, Ann set up a Live Stream on Saturday Night to launch a new “Challenge” to the team members who attended but to those who could not.   This “Challenge” was the third in a line of more to come.   Each “Challenge” pushes the team members that choose to participate and that push really moves your business forward.

This was a Saturday and Sunday event and the sessions went long but we all agreed it was priceless!

 Ann Sieg Renegade Team Workshop

Ann Sieg Renegade Team Workshop

Ann Sieg Renegade Team Workshop

We will hold the next Workshop in the summer of 2012.  You do not want to miss it!   I know the next Workshop will exceed the training, information and content provided at the January Event.

If you have questions about the Renegade Team, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have and to show you how this Team my be just what you need to move your MLM forward.   Click Here to contact Me: Marsha Godwin.   The Renegade Team is not an MLM and we do not compete with your MLM!  In fact, our goal is to show you how to move your MLM business forward!

Click Here to learn how you can be a part of the next WorkshopAnn Sieg Renegade Team Workshop

PS…Renegade Team is now Daily Marketing Coach.  To learn more: Daily Marketing Coach


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