Are You Mind Mapping?

Mind MappingAt one time I thought Mind Mapping was not the most productive use of my time.  Then in preparation for a webinar on “tools and resources for your online business”, I kept coming across all these people that were recommending it.  I decided I needed to investigate why this was such a popular tool.    Today…Mind Mapping is one of my valuable blog resources

Now I’d like to share with those not familiar or skeptical, like I was, why this is a necessary tool for your online business success.

Initially, Mind Maps were drawn by hand and used for taking rough notes. Today there are a variety of  Mind Mapping software tools available and you can create a computerized Mind Map.   This tools allows you the ability to create a Mind Map using color coding, pictures, hyperlinks and more to illustrate your thoughts.

Wikipedia’s definition of a mind mapping is:

“a diagram used to represent words, ideas, and tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure and classify ideas and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making and writing.”


Mind Mapping For Creative Thinking

Mind Mapping allows for creative thinking in a free form format.   It encourages a brainstorming approach to planning and organizing tasks, projects, opportunities and more.  You can Mind Map by yourself or with a group.

When I stopped and thought about it, I realized I had been unofficially Mind Mapping for years on notepads and on a couple of large white boards I have in my office.  Whenever I needed to work on a new project, I go to my white board and map out my ideas.   Today, I Mind Map on my computer and can take my maps with me when I travel, I can share my maps with others, use them to map out projects, add them to my blog, turn them into a presentation and so much more.

Online marketer can use Mind Mapping in so many ways today to make your own business succeed.   Some examples of how marketers can use this tool are:

  • Create a marketing funnel
  • Create your blog
  • Creating a blog post
  • Writing a book or ebook
  • Developing a presentation online or offline
  • Brainstorming, problem solving, team building
  • Launching a new product

There are a large number of  Mind Mapping tools that you can use but MLM Blog Training uses and recommends Mindmeister as our favorite.  Other highly favored are:

  • Mindmeister
  • Bubblus
  • Free Mind Map
  • Mind Tools
  • Xmind

If you want to learn more about Mind Mapping, you should read “Mind Maps”by author Tony Buzan.

Mind Mapping For Visual Thinking

I personally use Mindmeister to assist me in mapping out my ideas for several blog concepts. I start with a main concept or idea as the center of the map and then build out using profitable keyword phrases and from this I create pages and posts.  Then you can create other blogs or build out satellite blogs by repeating the process and then connecting the blogs visually on my map. This visual thinking is supported and confirmed by the keyword research I do with the Keyword Research Module within Market Samurai.

This is an example of the structure of a Mind Map I might start with when I’m creating a new blog.

Mind Mapping

Are You Mind Mapping?

If so, please share your favorite Mind Mapping tool.

MLM Blog Training recommends:  Mindmeister


Marsha Godwin


Marsha Godwin
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  1. Marsha,

    Nice – simple and understandable.

    Your question is “do you mind map?” and the answer is yes. I just don’t use the modern tools. Now I’m going to have to try a couple. I have used Tree software (ideas are listed somewhat like a folder directory. You have ideas, subideas and maybe sub-subs. You can write text at any level. Then you can open or close the tree and drag things from one branch to another (Maple by Crystal Software and before that DOS tools from ancient history).

    I have always liked the ability to see the forest (everything closed or the trees (one or more levels opened up.)

    Thanks again.
    Hale Yes!!
    Hale Yes recently posted..Ann Sieg – Dean of the Renegade College of Online MarketingMy Profile

  2. Loved your post on Mind Mapping. I find this visual tool very helpful, especially with the overall vision when I’m beginning a project.

    For those of you who have a Mac, you can find MindNode Pro in the iTunes store (Mac app section) for under $10. MindNode Pro is easy to learn and use.

  3. I enjoyed reading about mind mapping very much. I touched on it a couple of years ago when Yanik Silver included it with another product. Very interesting and it makes total sense.

    Your blog is so nicely laid out and easy to navigate.


  4. Marsha I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, they’re all so well laid out. This one caught my attention, as I’ve been trying to do bit of mind-mapping myself but have been a little intimidated by it. You have a way of breaking it down and simplifying it so that I can digest it easier. Thanks for the info!

  5. Thanks for the information on Mind Mapping. I have used before and enjoyed it but would like to give Mindmeister a try. Mind Mapping really does help when organizing information, making decisions and providing a road map when working on a project.

    Ruth Narveson recently posted..The Power Of HabitsMy Profile

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