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Easy Video Suite

Easy Video SuiteEasy Video Suite launches January 15,2013 (and I’m giving you a sneak peek on January 8th) and video marketing will never be the same.  Easy Video Suite is an all in one answer for your video marketing needs!  Josh Bartlett, who also created Easy Video Player and Easy Video Player 2, has everyone buzzing about the exciting launch of his newest product.   With Easy Video Suite you won’t need any other tools to produce high quality videos.

This video marketing platform works on both PC and MAC.   You will be able to record, edit, publish, market and track all within Easy Video Suite.   And, based on the track record of Josh Bartlett and his team, they will provide training to help you get the most out of the suite of products in the shortest among to time. Read More→

Market Samurai Offers Free Keyword Research Module

Market Samurai Market Samurai is an amazing tool that does so much more than just keyword research and this tool is highly recommended by MLM Blog Training.

99% of marketers fail to rank in Google! If you are blogging as a hobby, you may not care how high you rank in Google but if you are building an online business you need to arm yourself with the best tool for success….Market Samurai is that tool!

First, let’s understand the definition of market, niche and keywords before we go any further: Read More→

Enounce Is MLM Blog Training’s #1 Time Saver

EnounceEnounce Is MLM Blog Trainings’s #1 Time Saver.   Enounce offers 2 products – MySpeed and MySpeed Premier.   Both products allow you to speed up or slow down internet Flash-based videos without audio distortion.   It is amazing what this product can do and the time it can save you if you watch a lot of Flash-based videos.

This product is truly a time saver! You can slow down video to make sure you capture everything or you can speed it up when you want to move through the video quickly. I have used MySpeed Premier for about a year to learn faster, comprehend more and save time. Read More→

Daily Marketing Coach Offers Black Friday Promo

Daily Marketing Coach Offers Black Friday PromoDaily Marketing Coach Offers Black Friday Promo starting Friday, November 29th, until Monday, December 2nd. 

The promo is one year of DMC for $297 (over %50 off the normal price). This offer is good for new and existing DMC Members.

This is an exclusive, one time offer, and will not go past December 2nd.

There will be a special webinar kicking off the promotion on Friday, November 29th at 11:00 am CST.   To register:

There will be a special give away of a $150 Amazon Gift Card to 1 lucky person at the end of the webinar (you must be present to win). Read More→

Instagram Webinar With Daily Marketing Coach

Instagram WebinarHow To Build An Instant Brand Using Instagram Webinar is this Thursday, October 24th at 8:00 pm CST.

The seats will fill up fast for such a popular topic go register and show up a few minutes early.

There’s a reason Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $1 billion.

With over 150 million users, it’s one of the fastest growing and most popular mobile apps/social networks in history.

It’s pretty obvious how a local business with physical products could use the mega photo sharing app… but is there an actual way that internet marketers or network marketers can use Instagram to increase their profits? Read More→

Infographic: Social Media Cheat Sheet For Sizing

This Infographic is going to be very useful to you in managing the sizing for your Social Media images and video.

Read More→

Personal Mentoring

Personal MentoringPersonal Mentoring can be a key component to your success.  Especially if you are wanting to build a business online!   Having some one that can mentor you through the process can save you time, money and headaches while also shortening your learning curve.

Look at all the professional athletics and other successful people….many of them utilize Personal Mentoring as a well to keep them on track and motivated.

Are You Interested In Mentoring?

How would you like Personal Mentoring by me and a team of leaders?

If you’re tired of struggling and you want an absolute proven track to success and a business that makes you REAL money… This is it!

Join us to learn more… Read More→

MyNetworkOne Catch The Wave Event

MyNetworkOne Catch The Wave EventMyNetworkOne Catch The Wave Event is Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 7 pm EST at Verizon Event Center, 8718 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, FL 34653.

The Event welcomes anyone wanting to save money, take advantage of technology to promote their small business and anyone looking for the perfect home based business.

To join us Register for a FREE Online Ticket and use Promotion Code 152: Read More→

11 Tips For A Successful Online MLM Business

11 Tips For A Successful Online MLM Business11 Tips for a successful Online MLM Business are the foundation for a profitable home based MLM business.   Building and running a home based MLM business offers many advantages whether you are creating a full time or part time income.  The advantages include but are not limited to saving money on gas, tax breaks , setting your own hours, working your business around your family’s schedule and many other benefits.

However, you should be advised that running an Online MLM business from home is not for the faint of heart! A home business is work!   And, while having your home based MLM business online will allow you to reach more people it still requires you to be very disciplined in terms of time and finance management.   Many people fail but many succeed! Read More→

Change Your Admin Username…or Else!

Change Your Admin UsernameChange Your Admin Username for your WordPress Blog if you want to secure it from hackers.   Many of us set up our username during the WordPress installation as ‘admin’.   Unfortunately ‘admin’ is the first username a hacker will try when they are trying to breaking into your blog.   Once they have your username then all they have to do is figure out your password which is not that hard to do for someone that is determined. recommends if you are using ‘admin’ as your username that you change it ASAP to something that is more secure! Read More→