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Watch LinkedIn Replay Now

Watch LinkedIn Replay NowWatch LinkedIn Replay Now because it will only be available for a short time before it is taken down!

Did you miss out on last night’s LinkedIn marketing webinar where Ann Sieg and Dave Drimmie revealed how to build your business and generate a new stream of prospects using the premier built-for-business social network?

If so, you missed out on a lot! Read More→

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouReplicated websites do not brand you, therefore, they should play a limited and specific role in your MLM Business.   I know your MLM Company probably really encourages you to sign up and use the company’s website.  And, I do think there is a place for a replicated site within your business but it should not be the first thing you share with a prospect.  It should not be your only presence on the internet.  Nor should it be the web presence you try to use for lead generation.

You need to set yourself apart!!!  You need to brand YOU and replicated websites do not brand you.  Think about it, if you were looking for a nutritional product (or some other product or service) and someone sent you to the same website that several others have sent you to why would you want to do business with them?   What sets you apart?  The replicated website is branding the company and the product…. it is not branding YOU. Read More→

Blogging Simplified Live Course

Blogging Simplified Live CourseBlogging Simplified Live Course is a 6 weeks Live Webinar Course for non-techies.  The Course starts again March 23rd at 3:00 pm EST.

Does technology scare you? Do you think of yourself as technology challenged? I get it! I understand!

Many people won’t move forward online for these reasons.   They just feel so overwhelmed and challenged by the technology.

The Course is here to help the techno-toddlers move forward with creating a blog and an online business. Read More→

Stop Ignoring LinkedIn

Stop Ignoring LinkedInStop Ignoring LinkedIn and take your business to a new level as you learn to generate leads, develop relationships and close more sales.

I also ignored LinkedIn for a long time.

Here’s the deal:

LinkedIn has kinda been a little fish (up ’til more recently).   I mean… with lead generating platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube… LinkedIn hasn’t gotten much love from us marketers.

Time to rethink that and Stop Ignoring LinkedIn!

Stop Ignoring LinkedIn – LinkedIn Webinar

LinkedIn is up to 200 million users and it can no longer be ignored.

Join us on the LinkedIn Webinar about “7 Steps To Getting Leads With LinkedIn”.

Thursday, March 21st at 9:00pm EST with Ann Sieg and her guest Dave Drimmie.   Dave will show you 7 steps to get leads on LinkedIn and turn them into business partners.

Grab your spot here and register for our webinar:  Stop Ignoring LinkedIn

Why Should You Stop Ignoring LinkedIn?

In the past 3 years, LinkedIn has sprouted from 37 million to 200 million users.  Many people are finding that they’re getting a higher ROI for their time on the network.

Here’s another fun fact: the number of businesses using Facebook and Youtube actually declined last year … while use of LinkedIn increased.

But here’s the real kicker:

200 million users on LinkedIn and they are ALL specifically there for business.

This means less spam, less clutter, higher conversion rates and higher quality prospects and leaders to network with.

So if you’d like to learn how to generate high quality leads, relationships, sales and partnerships through LinkedIn, grab your spot below and join me this Thursday March 21st at 9:00pm EST.

Stop Ignoring LinkedIn – Register For LinkedIn Webinar

I’d like to personally invite  you to join us on this webinar to learn how to take your business to a new level.

Register Here:

I’d love to get your thoughts on the webinar.


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Blogging Simplified Live

Blogging Simplified LiveBlogging Simplified Live is 6 Week Webinar Course  that will provide you the foundation for your online business: WordPress Blog, Compelling Offer, Autoresponder Set Up, Landing Page and more.

The Webinar Course is a combination of LIVE webinars, recorded webinars, Skype coaching calls, Q&A webinars, weekly assignments, videos and Bonuses!

PLUS, Marsha Godwin be there to provide step by step directions along with resources and support that will shorten your learning curve, cost you less money in the long run and get your business online faster.

Blogging Simplified Live includes the following:

  • 6 Live 90 minute Webinars walking you step by step through the process of setting up your online business  with a WordPress Blog.
  • The 6 Webinars will be recorded and added to the ‘Members Only’ area for your to watch and re-watch.
  • Weekly Assignments that show you what you need to do each week.
  • 2 Question and Answer Webinars to keep you moving forward.
  • 60 minutes One on One Personal Coaching call on Skype. Read More→

How To Promote Your Blog Post

How To Promote Your Blog PostHow To Promote Your Blog Post is sometimes overlooked when the blogger is so focused on promoting their blog.   You spend so much time determining what you are going to blog about, doing research, writing the blog post, adding just the right image and making sure the post is optimized for HEO (Human Emotion Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  But, then you don’t promote the blog post…why not?

No excuses anymore!  I’m going to outline for you 13 ways you can promote your blog posts which will in reality will promote your blog and your business!

Read More→

MLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 Contest

MLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 ContestMLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 Contest!

The Top 50 winners were officially announced Friday, December 23, 2012.     This year there were 92 contestants participating in the contest.   These contestants generated 4465 votes in total.  This was the 4th consecutive year for the  Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest.

The contest offered excitement and intense competition.  In addition, we all began aware of other MLM Bloggers in the industry and we built relationships with others in the industry.  It was a great learning experience and offered great exposure to each of our blogs.

This year the contest, run by and My Lead System Pro was a real success.  Prizes totaling over $7,000 were offered  by Ray Higdon, Natasha Nassar Hazlett, Frank J. Marino, Mark Harbert, Roxana Hannah and George Fourie.

This was the first year participated in the contest.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with the results and my blogs ranking – MLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 Contest. Read More→

Top 50 MLM Blogs 2012 Contest

Top 50 MLM Blogs 2012 ContestTop 50 MLM Blogs 2012 Contest launched December 6th and it looks like the competition this year is going to be fierce.  This is the 4th year that George Fourie, Founder of  ThatMLMBeat has held this competition.    This year the Top 50 MLM Blogs 2012 Contest is being sponsored by My Lead System Pro.

This contest gives network marketers the opportunity to showcase their blogs and to gain social proof as they gather votes and comments. Read More→

Why Build An Email List?

Why Build An Email List? Why Build An Email List? Because it is life blood of your business whether your business is online or offline.   And,the earlier you begin to build your list the more and faster success your business will enjoy.

It does not matter what kind of business you are in…you need an email list.   Whether you are a brick and mortar business,  an online marketer, a network marketer, etc.  You need a list.

The most recent example I saw offline of someone building an email list was when I got my tires rotated the other day.  When I was checking out they asked if I want to get updates on their specials.  I said sure and they asked for my email address.  My auto mechanic is ahead of so many businesses…he gets the question Why Build An Email List? Read More→

Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?  That is a very important question and your answer should be yes or else you could be loosing visitors.

A good first impression is just as important to your online  business as it is to your offline business.   Fortunately or unfortunately, you only have a few seconds and then your visitor will click away to somewhere else. We  are all guilty of thinking something we created looks good.  Do Not make that assumption!  You need to see your blog through the eyes of your visitor.  Make sure you critique your blog  and always be critical and ask yourself the question…does your blog make a good first impression? Read More→