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So are your ready to take the necessary steps to create your blog following the Blog Blueprint? Moving your business online will be one of your best decisions if you follow the steps and are willing to put in the time to learn the new skills required. It will require you to learn and do some things you may not have done before. But, the rewards can be tremendous. Below is a outline of the basic steps to your Blog Blueprint.

Know Why You Are Creating Your MLM Blog

You want to start with YOUR WHY! Understanding YOUR WHY gives you determination and focus. You need to start with this! YOUR WHY should motivate and carry you through good and bad times. You need to consciously be aware of YOUR WHY and put a plan together to help you achieve it no matter the circumstances.

Use Your Unique Selling Proposition To Attract Others To You

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is what sets you apart from everyone else. It is what you offer that makes you unique. It is what gives you your story and allows you to connect with others who have shared similar experiences or have gone down a similar path. You will use YOUR USP to attract others to you. Your audience is looking for a connection. You do have talents, skills, experiences that make you unique. MLM Blog Training and your Blog Blueprint will challenge you to understand what you can offer to others and then guide you through the mechanics of doing it.

Conduct Market Research And Understand Your Target Market

You want to focus your attention on doing Market Research. Know what is going on in your Target Market. Learn the trends, know the competition, know what your audience wants….do the research and understand your Target Market and you will be able to focus in on their needs and provide a solution.

Narrowly Defined Your Niche

Your NicheNext step in your Blog Blueprint! Determining Your Niche is sometimes the most difficult thing for someone to do. You can not be all things to all people on the internet and be found. You should not blog about board topics and in generalities. You need to start with a target market, then narrow it down more and more to you find Your Niche (and even better if it is a micro niche). You want to be very narrowly focused. The pond may be small but you will be a big fish in that pond.

You Are The Brand…Don’t Forget That

This is very important step in your Blog Blueprint! It is not about the company, products, service, comp plan or any of those things when you are trying to build your MLM online. You want to Brand You! That is what is important. I know that can be difficult. You don’t want to come across as bragging or arrogant. You can Brand You with out doing either. When someone is sponsor shopping they are looking for a leader. The company and products are just ways you earn a living and assist others in doing the same. In building your business you need to Brand You. MLM Blog Training and the Blog Blueprint can assist you with this.

Your Blog Is About You….Not Your MLM

Determining Your MLM Home Based Business should be considered carefully. There are a number of critical factors every offline and online entrepreneur should consider before joining a MLM company. But, remember it is not about Your MLM, the products, the service or the compensation plan. Your business is about YOU. Your MLM takes a back seat on your blog! Your blog is not about your MLM….it is about You and the value you offer.

Time To Install And Set Up Your Blog

WordPressThe next step in your Blog Blueprint.  Now that you understand your why, you know your unique selling proposition, you have done your market research, defined your niche and started your brand, it is time to purchase your domain name, set up your hosting account and install WordPress!!! If you are not sure how to do this…no problem! Just get the “Get Started OnLine With WordPress” ebook that I am offering at MLMBlogTraining. This eBook will walk you through the steps to create your blog.

Learn The Basics of Blogging

Your Blog Blueprint does require a WordPress Education. Like anything new there is a learning curve. Same with blogging! You are going to have to learn the Basics of Blogging. If you will take the time to learn the basics and be consistent in your actions you will see results faster. Follow us at MLMBlogTraining and we will help guide you to create your blog.

Add Content To Your Blog

Content is King!!! You want to Add Content To Your Blog on a consistent bases. Make sure your content is congruent to your blog and that you are adding value. Content can be the written word, video, podcasting, images, etc.

Create A Compelling Offer To Build Your List

Your priority and purpose for this blog is To Build Your List. Therefore, you need to secure the name and email address of as many people in your audience as you can. The List is your most valuable asset! The List is your business! You will need to create a Compelling Offer that will entice someone to give you their contact information in order to get what you are offering.

Add Social Media

Social MediaSocial Media can become an important component of your Blog Blueprint if you do it correctly. You will want to add social media plugins to your blog and encourage your audience to comment on your blog while at the same time you are commenting on other blogs and building relationships. Adding Social Media to your business and Blog Blueprint can propel your business forward at a much faster pace.

Ok….I don’t want to over simply the process nor do I want to over complicate it. This is just the basic steps to create your blog. Moving your business online will be one of the most productive things you can do for your business IF you learn the basics of blogging and IF you blog on a consistent bases.

MLM Blog Training and Blog Blueprint:

MLM Blog Training along with the Blog Blueprint is here to support and guide you through the process.  Don’t let any of this overwhelm you…just take it one step at a time!

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