Blogging Blueprint Worksheet

Blogging Blueprint WorksheetBlogging Blueprint Worksheet is a necessary resource to be utilized and completed before you begin building your blog and your online business in order to maximize your efforts.  You need to have a clear blueprint of who you are talking to and where you want to take your online business.

If you were opening a brick and mortar business you would know who your customer would be, what products you would be selling, what you are going to name the business, etc.  Your blog is going to be your business asset just like the brick and mortar business would be.  While the topics you consider before you start your blog might not be exactly the same topics you would consider as a physical location but the process should be basically the same. You need to have thought through everything from why you are creating a blog to how you are going to monetize it and the Blogging Blueprint Worksheet can help you.   As your knowledge and your online business develops you may make adjustments along the way but don’t start your blog and your online business without having put some thought into it up front.

Blogging Blueprint Worksheet

Your Blogging Blueprint Worksheet should address all the topics below:

Your Why:  You really need to understand why you are creating a blog and your online business. Know your WHY!

Your USP: You need to determine your Unique Selling Proposition.  Why would someone want to follow up?  What makes you unique?  What can you offer your reader that others can not?

Niche: Determine the small group of people with a common interest or problem that you want to talk to online.  You might even focus on a micro-niche.

Avatar:  You need to really think about who you are going to be talking to on your blog.  Man vs. Woman – Age – Employed vs. Self Employed – Do They Have Kids – Where Do They Live, etc.

Domain Name:  Your domain name is going to be the name of your blog.  Do you use your name, a keyword phrase or a descriptive phrase?

Tagline:  You need a short sentence that will sum up what your blog is about.  If your tagline can be keyword rich all the better. As an example my tagline is: MLM Blog Training for Online MLM Success

Primary Keyword Phrase:  You should identify a keyword phrase and it could be to your benefit if your domain name is your keyword phrase.

Keyword Phrases:  You need to identify several keyword phrases that are congruent to your blog and the message you are wanting to share.

Categories: You should have 3 to 5 topics that are congruent to your blog.  These topics are a way of organizing your posts on your blog.

Pages:  When you first start you want to focus on setting up 4 Pages.   If you focus first on these pages, you won’t feel so overwhelmed and it will provide you with a solid foundation.  So think about each of these pages and what you would say as it relates to all the other components of the Blogging Blueprint Worksheet:

Home – Your ‘Home’ Page should inform your reader as to what your blog is about and how your blog is going to be able to assist them.   You want them to keep coming back so let them know what to expect if they continue to visit your blog and then don’t disappoint.

Blog – Your ‘Blog’ Page is a collection of all your blog posts in a chronological order.

About You – Your ‘About You’ Page gives you a chance to connect with your niche.  Tell them about you but do it in a way that lets your reader see you have been where they are and you can identify with them.

Contact You – Your “Contact You’ Page gives your reader a way to contact you.

Compelling Offer:  Your email list is the most important asset in your business.  But to get their email address you need to offer them something that is compelling.  Think about what you can offer your niche that will entice them to give you their name and email list.

Monetization:  Unless your blog and your online business is for non-profit, then you need to think about how you are going to make money with your blog and online business.  Make a list of several ways you can monetize your business.

Blogging Blueprint Worksheet

You should complete the Blogging Blueprint Worksheet to make maximize your efforts:

Blogging Blueprint Worksheet

Blogging Blueprint Worksheet

Your Blogging Blueprint Worksheet will become the foundation for your blog and your Online MLM Business.   If you work through this process you will increase your chance for online success.



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