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Blogging CoachA Blogging Coach may be just the thing you need to fast forward your learning curve on blogging.  I’m not saying you can’t develop a blog all by yourself but a coach may save you time and money.    Many successful people in sports, business, etc. recognize the fact that having a coach can keep them focused, expand their thought process and shorten their learning curve.   So if they recognize the need for a coach maybe it is something you should consider.

You can hire a blogging coach to teach you the mechanics of blogging or you can hire someone that will assist you with a variety of topics to include by not limited to: your target market, your niche, your keyword research, the congruency of your blog, creating a compelling offer, setting up your autoresponder, monetizing your blog, getting traffic, seo and much more.  So, make sure you hire the right blogging coach for your blogging needs!

8 Things To Look For In A Blogging Coach

1. Blogging Experience:   Yes, this may seem obvious but you might be surprised how many people claim to be a blogging coach but they know little about SEO, how to create a compelling offer, how to create a congruent blog or how to generate leads.

2. Variety of Experience:   Look for someone who has a variety of life and work experiences.  They will be better able to think outside the box, can help you see things from a different perspective and they may be able to see things you don’t see because you are too close to a topic.

3. Someone Who Talks Straight:  It’s important you find someone who will give it to you straight. You don’t need a “yes-man” around and for sure you don’t want someone that sugar coats everything. You need real input, perspective and guidance.

4. Big Picture Thinker: You want a coach who can think big but also drills down to the details.  You need someone that can help you stand back and make sure you are on the right track and then can help with with the strategy to get you where you want to go with your blog.

5. Cares About You:  You want someone who is genuinely wants to help you create a successful blog and online business.

6. Encouraging & Empathetic:  You want a blogging coach who can enjoy working with and who is understanding while keeping you on track, focused and is positive.

7. Results Oriented:  You want results and you want a blogging coach who will help you get them.

8. Consultative Approach:  It is really important your coach listens to what you say and asks probing questions to truly understand how to help you get where you want to go.

Blogging Coach

I’d suggest you interview the blogging coach you are considering hiring.   Don’t just hire someone because they say they are a blogging coach.      Make sure this is someone you feel comfortable working with over a period of time.   Make sure that they listen to you and what you are wanting to accomplish.  They should be curious and ask a lot of questions about you, what you are wanting to accomplish, time you have to invest in blogging, your niche, how you plan on monetizing, etc.

Marsha Godwin Is A Blogging Coach

I’ve coached a number of people.   I usually customize a coaching package for clients based on their needs.  If you are looking for a blogging coach, I’d love to chat with you to determine if I can assist you and/or make a suggestions as to how to help you move your blog and online business forward.

Marsha Godwin


Marsha Godwin
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  1. I am proud that when I was ready to set up my blog, I had Marsha to walk me though the whole process. Marsha has way of making everything look so simple by great examples and analogies. I am now excited that I have Marsha as my mentor, guide and friend to teach me how to blog. I am looking forward to the workshop and I am sure I will be back with Marsha to get my graduate degree in Blogging
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