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Blogging TipsBlogging Tips For New And Experienced Bloggers

Whether you are an experienced blogger or you are new to blogging there are some blogging tips that are timeless regardless of your level of experience.  Some of these I have learned the hard way, others I have become aware of as I have gained more education and others are still on my “to do” list.

The list below is not necessarily in order of importance but some of the blogging tips should take priority over others.

Your Domain Name Matters

One of the most important Blogging Tips has to do with your domain name.   The domain name you select for your blog is important because it is an important step in branding you.   Some of the factors you should consider are: short, easy to spell, a .com extension, descriptive, etc.  To learn more read:  Your Domain Name Is An Important Step In Branding You!

Blog On A Set Schedule

There is no right answer to how often you should write a post on your blog.  But, you should determine a schedule that works for you and then follow it every week. Stick to a routine.

Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

One of the most valuable Blogging Tips I can give you is to focus on and produce quality content.  This should be your first priority.   The quality of your content takes precedent over everything else related to your blog.

Your Content Is For Your Reader

If you are trying to create a popular blog, build your list and make money then you need to talk to your reader only about what your reader is interested in reading about.

The Pareto Principle Applies To Your Blog

The Pareto principle basically states 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  80% of your results (e.g., traffic or revenue gains) will come from 20% of your blogging activities. Those activities are writing quality content and promoting that content.   Focus on these activities and the rest will come naturally.

Having An Email List Is Essential

Email ListStart building your email list immediately…don’t wait!  Your email list is your business asset!

You will use this list to deliver quality content that will solidify your relationship with your subscribers.

Giving Away Free Stuff Works Like A Charm

You will be surprised to learn that giving away ebooks, training materials, consultations, etc. will actually build your relationship with your audience and increase your business beyond your expectations.

It Takes Persistence

Blogging Tips also include you mental attitude.  While things can happen fast on the internet, it will take time for your to build your traffic and then revenue.  If you want to play the game come with the right expectations, else you’ll get frustrated and quit too soon.   Persistence will pay off.

Choosing The Right Niche Is Important

Another of the important Blogging Tips…Choosing the right niche is critical if you want your blog to be popular and profitable.   Following your passion only works if you are in a niche where people actually buy stuff.  Some niches are more profitable than others regardless of their size so make sure you do your market research.

Once You Find Your Niche Own It

Your NicheIf someone asked you what your blog is about, would you be able to answer without hesitation? If not, write down in 140 characters or less a succinct and clear definition of what your blog is about. The second important thing is “to keep the main the main thing.”

Show Your Personality In Your Writing

Establishing a voice in your writing is a crucial element is producing content that people will want to keep coming back over and over again for more.

Use Plenty Of Pictures In Your Blog Posts

No one wants to see endless blocks of text.   Pictures help tell the story and provide interest to your posts, therefore, keeping the reader on your site longer.

Make Your Blog Content Rich In Media

Blogging TipsVideos are a must on your blog.  Utilize the power of YouTube and other media sources and incorporate them into your blog content.

Videos will keep you audience attentive and engaged.

Don’t Think About Making Money…At First

Your first priority is content.  If you produce quality content on a consistent bases, the money will come.

Forget About The Stats In The Beginning

You’ll be amazed by how much more productive you will be if you focus on maximizing the time you spend writing new blog posts instead of watching your stats when you first start blogging.

Don’t Let Social Media Waste Your Time

The Blogging Tips continue…Make sure you are approaching Social Media in a targeted/focused way otherwise you will be wasting your time.   Be strategic in the social networks you join.

You Need To Think About The Business Model

You need to start thinking about your business model right away if you want to make money.  Having a clear plan will help you craft your content, target the right readers, design your blog around your goals and so on.

Write Killer Headlines

Blogging TipsWith eye-catching headlines, you have effectively completed 50% of your blog’s advertising.  Avoid overused and generic blog titles.

Instead strive for headlines that are unique and thought-provoking.

Your Blog’s First Impression Is Important

Make sure your home page is attractive, inviting and informative.   Remember you will only get one chance to make a good impression. Would you want to take a look around after arriving on your home page as a new visitor?

Comment Smartly And Consistently

Blogging Tips also include tips on other blogs. Make your comments stand out by trying to put some thought into them.   More importantly, make it sound like you actually read the article.

Get A Gravatar

It’s a good idea to register your own gravatar.  Go to to register.   Readers will become familiar with you for better or for worse.

Study SEO Like Your Life Depends On It

Driving traffic to your blog through search engines is what you call “organic traffic.” Other types include referral sites and direct traffic.  Organic traffic is what you need to be able to sustain long-term visibility of your blog.

Avoid Grammar Mistakes By Proofreading

Grammar errors show a lack of professionalism.  Proof read your posts before you publish.

Reply To Comments On Your Blog

Reply to questions or comments from readers.   Give readers the opportunity to interact and engage in conversation.

Make It Easy For Readers To Navigate Your Blog

If it takes more than 3 seconds to look for a search bar or category list on your blog, then your site’s navigation needs to be improved.

Put An Author Section In Your Blog Posts

No one wants to read material written by a face-less author, let alone by one without a name.

If you want your blog to be the hub of your online business, it is important you implement many of these blogging tips to have a more successful blog with good traffic and list building capabilities.

Blogging Tips:

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