Branding You Begins With Your Domain Name!

Domain NameYour domain name is your address on the internet  and it is an important step in the process of branding you.   Your name is the corner stone of your success on the internet jut like location is the key to the success of a brick and mortar business.

It is important to take the time to find the right domain name since it is an important part of establishing your brand.   But, don’t let this slow you down too much.  It is also important to keep moving forward.

Below are 10 factors to consider when searching for a good domain name and Branding You:

1. The Domain Name Should Be Short

It my be difficult to find a three-letter, four-letter and domain name today.

While there is no definite number of characters that you should aim for, just remember that the shorter the better. If you need some guidance, try to have less than 10 characters and not more than 20 characters.

As for as the number of words in your name, one-word domain names are gold, two-word ones are good and three-word names are average.

2. The Name  Should Be Easy To Remember

Since many internet users do not use bookmarks, the easier the name is to remember the better. If your domain name is complex and difficult to remember you will lose visitors along the way and loose the Branding You opportunity.

3. It Should Be Easy To Spell

The last thing you want is visitors misspelling your name and ending up somewhere else.

Try to avoid unusual words, words that have complex pronunciation or spelling, strange combinations of letters and numbers and anything else that might cause someone to misspell your website/blog address.

4. The Name Should Have A .COM Extension

Branding YouA .com domain name is almost always the best way to go.  This extension is by far the most popular around the world and it is the extension people always remember.

There are exceptions.   Government organizations  and Non-Profit organizations might prefer to register a .org domain name. Companies targeting very specific geographical regions might want to register a local domain name (e.g. .it,, .ca and so on).   And, if your site is going to be all or mostly videos then you might want to think about a .tv extension.

Visitors to your site via search engines or organic links will probably remember your name but not the extension.  Therefore, the next time they want to visit your site they may remember the name but are likely to type in  the .com extension and then you might loose them all together.

5. It Should Be Descriptive

A descriptive name will let visitors have an idea of what your website/blog is about before they even get to it. Many visitors may come to your site via search engines and/or as direct links from other sites if the name they see is appealing and/or it addresses their needs.

6. The Domain Name Should Be Branding You

A brandable name will have a nice pronunciation, it can be an  interesting combination of letters or simply an appealing visual effect.  Brandable domains can assist your visitors in associating the name with your website/blog and its content. Sometimes a  domain name can be descriptive at the same time as Branding You.

7. It Should Not Contain Hyphens Or Numbers

Domain names containing hyphens and numbers are less expensive for a reason. They are effected by the same issues as domain names that do not  have a .com extension or that are not easy to spell.

Many visitors will just forget to add the hyphen to the address.  And, if you use numbers then visitors are not sure whether it is an actual number or if they need to spell it out.   Plus, both are difficult to give out verbally.

8. The Name Should Not Be Trendy

If you plan on being in business online for a long time then you don’t want to use a name that is trendy.  It may work today but it will not work for you in the future.   However, if this is a short term blog, then maybe trendy a domain name might work for a short time period.

9. The Name Should Be A Keyword Phrase

If relevant keywords are present in your domain name it might assist in your search engine rankings.   This is an important consideration.   You could benefit from search engine ranking while at the same time branding you.

10. It Can Be Your Name If Available

Using your name is another way to go in your effort towards branding you on the internet.   Just  remember, your name is likely not known on the internet, therefore, you will get no benefit from search engine ranking starting  out.

You may not be able to incorporate all 10 factors into your name.   In fact, I’d be surprised if you could find a domain name that fits all 10 factors.   Remember, these are just factors that you should consider when evaluating  names because your name is an important step in branding you.

Branding You begins with your domain name:

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  2. What a wonderful tutorial. I had scratched my head wondering which way to go. As I went down Marsha’s check list – I added here, subtracted there and finally feel confident I’m on the right track.

  3. Marsha, your closing statement on Domain names is a powerful message that most of us probably have overlooked; I know I have “Branding You Begins With Your Domain Name”

    Your 10 tips have provided me with the criteria to allow me to make an “informed” decision on selecting the domain name for my blog.

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