11 Tips For A Successful Online MLM Business

11 Tips For A Successful Online MLM Business11 Tips for a successful Online MLM Business are the foundation for a profitable home based MLM business.   Building and running a home based MLM business offers many advantages whether you are creating a full time or part time income.  The advantages include but are not limited to saving money on gas, tax breaks , setting your own hours, working your business around your family’s schedule and many other benefits.

However, you should be advised that running an Online MLM business from home is not for the faint of heart! A home business is work!   And, while having your home based MLM business online will allow you to reach more people it still requires you to be very disciplined in terms of time and finance management.   Many people fail but many succeed! Read More→

Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?  That is a very important question and your answer should be yes or else you could be loosing visitors.

A good first impression is just as important to your online  business as it is to your offline business.   Fortunately or unfortunately, you only have a few seconds and then your visitor will click away to somewhere else. We  are all guilty of thinking something we created looks good.  Do Not make that assumption!  You need to see your blog through the eyes of your visitor.  Make sure you critique your blog  and always be critical and ask yourself the question…does your blog make a good first impression? Read More→

Your About You Page

Your About You PageYour About You Page is probably one of the most important and most viewed Pages on your blog so make sure your don’t treat it as an afterthought.   It is your chance to make an impression and connect with your reader.

Your readers want to know about you but more importantly they want to know whether you are going to be able to assist them, provide a solution or address a need .   Your About You Page can make a difference as to whether a visitor will continue to come back to your blog and follow you.  Your About You Page is where you can build TRUST with your reader. Read More→

Blogging Blueprint Worksheet

Blogging Blueprint WorksheetBlogging Blueprint Worksheet is a necessary resource to be utilized and completed before you begin building your blog and your online business in order to maximize your efforts.  You need to have a clear blueprint of who you are talking to and where you want to take your online business.

If you were opening a brick and mortar business you would know who your customer would be, what products you would be selling, what you are going to name the business, etc.  Your blog is going to be your business asset just like the brick and mortar business would be.  While the topics you consider before you start your blog might not be exactly the same topics you would consider as a physical location but the process should be basically the same. You need to have thought through everything from why you are creating a blog to how you are going to monetize it and the Blogging Blueprint Worksheet can help you.   As your knowledge and your online business develops you may make adjustments along the way but don’t start your blog and your online business without having put some thought into it up front. Read More→

Writing A Blog Post

Writing A Blog PostWriting a blog post on a consistent bases is the life blood of your blog.  To develop a loyal following of readers you want to be providing information, ideas, solutions and resources on a regular bases.

Your focus when you first start a blog should be writing a blog post, writing a blog post, writing a blog post…..  Get the idea!   When you first start your are learning how to use WordPress, learning how to do research on your topic and keyword research, learning how to talk to your niche, learning how to add images, set up categories, etc. etc. etc.

Also, when you first start your main focus should be on writing in a way that connects with your reader/niche (HEO) but as you become more experienced you want to add in some simple steps that will make the search engines find your blog post (SEO). Read More→

Blogging Coach

Blogging CoachA Blogging Coach may be just the thing you need to fast forward your learning curve on blogging.  I’m not saying you can’t develop a blog all by yourself but a coach may save you time and money.    Many successful people in sports, business, etc. recognize the fact that having a coach can keep them focused, expand their thought process and shorten their learning curve.   So if they recognize the need for a coach maybe it is something you should consider.

You can hire a blogging coach to teach you the mechanics of blogging or you can hire someone that will assist you with a variety of topics to include by not limited to: your target market, your niche, your keyword research, the congruency of your blog, creating a compelling offer, setting up your autoresponder, monetizing your blog, getting traffic, seo and much more.  So, make sure you hire the right blogging coach for your blogging needs! Read More→

Choosing Your Target Market

Choosing Your Target MarketChoosing Your Target Market is an important step in having a successful blog.  Your target market is your audience.  It is who you want to talk to in your blog posts.   And, the better you understand your target market and focus your message to them the more you will connect with your audience.

A target market is usually defined by gender, age, geography, social economics and other demographics or combinations of demographics.  A target market is a business term.  It means a segment of the market that goods and/or services are marketed.  Corporations generally study and map  demographic information to know how to best market their products and services. Read More→


Go To HTMLGo to HTML might be a little bit of a play on words.  But, sometimes you do need to know how to go to HTML to make simple changes on your WordPress website or blog.

Most of the time you will use the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor within WordPress.   The editors today in WordPress offer the ability to create headings, add images, add text tags, do basic formating, add links and so much more.   Sometime you might use a program like Dreamweaver, Kompzer or another HTML editor.   But it is a good idea to have a basic working knowledge of  HTML so you can make some simple changes to your site.

With a little knowledge can come a lot of power. Read More→

Blogging Tips

Blogging TipsBlogging Tips For New And Experienced Bloggers

Whether you are an experienced blogger or you are new to blogging there are some blogging tips that are timeless regardless of your level of experience.  Some of these I have learned the hard way, others I have become aware of as I have gained more education and others are still on my “to do” list.

The list below is not necessarily in order of importance but some of the blogging tips should take priority over others. Read More→