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Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouReplicated websites do not brand you, therefore, they should play a limited and specific role in your MLM Business.   I know your MLM Company probably really encourages you to sign up and use the company’s website.  And, I do think there is a place for a replicated site within your business but it should not be the first thing you share with a prospect.  It should not be your only presence on the internet.  Nor should it be the web presence you try to use for lead generation.

You need to set yourself apart!!!  You need to brand YOU and replicated websites do not brand you.  Think about it, if you were looking for a nutritional product (or some other product or service) and someone sent you to the same website that several others have sent you to why would you want to do business with them?   What sets you apart?  The replicated website is branding the company and the product…. it is not branding YOU. Read More→

How To Promote Your Blog Post

How To Promote Your Blog PostHow To Promote Your Blog Post is sometimes overlooked when the blogger is so focused on promoting their blog.   You spend so much time determining what you are going to blog about, doing research, writing the blog post, adding just the right image and making sure the post is optimized for HEO (Human Emotion Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  But, then you don’t promote the blog post…why not?

No excuses anymore!  I’m going to outline for you 13 ways you can promote your blog posts which will in reality will promote your blog and your business!

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Why I Need A MLM Blog

Why I Need A MLM BlogWhy I Need A MLM Blog for my MLM Business is a question I’m asked all the time by Network Marketers who do not have an online presence.   Then the next thing they usually say is “My company provides me with a replicated website that I can use to promote my MLM so why do I need a blog”.  If I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a hundred times.  I don’t want to offend anyone but that attitude is so old school and it puts you and your business in a very very risky position!

All the reps in the company have a replicated website so what makes you different?  What happens if the company changes the comp plan or closes their doors and the business you built is gone? Read More→

5 Reasons Not To Mention Your MLM On Your Blog

5 Reasons Not To Mention Your MLM On Your Blog5 Reasons not to mention your MLM on your blog if you want to brand YOU, build trust and grow your email list faster.  Isn’t that want you want?

Many new bloggers want to tell the world about their MLM Company and products.  I understand….you are proud of the company and the products your represent.  However, that is not the way you build your MLM business online.  If you blog about your company and their products you open yourself up to so many issues.

Branding you, providing content your readers want and need, building a relationship and trust are critical factors and what you want to do.  Make sure you also understand what you should not do on your blog. Read More→

Gravatar – Important In Branding You

GravatarYour Gravatar is an important element in branding you on the internet.  You want to create an strong online presence and one of the ways to do that is to create a Gravatar.   It is free, easy and quick to set one up.   And, a must-have for anyone who is serious about doing business online.

What Is A Gravatar?

It is the image that is associated with you on the internet and it follows you from site to site.   The image can be a picture of you or it can be a logo.  The Gravatar appears next to your name on a blog, when you post to forums,  when you make comments on someone else’s blog or if your blog is featured on a tag page.  You do not want your image to be one of the faceless images on the internet. Read More→

Branding You Begins With Your Domain Name!

Domain NameYour domain name is your address on the internet  and it is an important step in the process of branding you.   Your name is the corner stone of your success on the internet jut like location is the key to the success of a brick and mortar business.

It is important to take the time to find the right domain name since it is an important part of establishing your brand.   But, don’t let this slow you down too much.  It is also important to keep moving forward.

Below are 10 factors to consider when searching for a good domain name and Branding You: Read More→