Why Build An Email List?

Why Build An Email List? Why Build An Email List? Because it is life blood of your business whether your business is online or offline.   And,the earlier you begin to build your list the more and faster success your business will enjoy.

It does not matter what kind of business you are in…you need an email list.   Whether you are a brick and mortar business,  an online marketer, a network marketer, etc.  You need a list.

The most recent example I saw offline of someone building an email list was when I got my tires rotated the other day.  When I was checking out they asked if I want to get updates on their specials.  I said sure and they asked for my email address.  My auto mechanic is ahead of so many businesses…he gets the question Why Build An Email List? Read More→

Email Best Practices

Email Best PracticesOne of the most effective tools you have in connecting with your audience and growing your online business is to follow some simple email best practices. These email best practices will go a long way in creating for you a profitable online business.

Unfortunately, new online marketers tend to put off developing a way to collect their visitor’s email addresses. Or, if they do collect the addresses they don’t set up an effective email campaign that will provide value to their audience.   Do you know why I know this?  I’m one of those that delayed.  I thought everything had to be perfect or close to it before I tried to collect emails addresses and then communicate with my reader via email.   Don’t make that mistake…. Don’t delay!  Start incorporating these email best practices in your business today! Read More→

Email List Building

Email List BuildingEmail List Building is a very important component of your online business.   I wish when I started that I had fully understood the importance of having an email list and working the list.

Your list is in many ways a business asset.  Emailing to your list is your direct connection with your reader.   This asset provides you the most effective way to create a line of communication and build a relationship with your reader.   Emailing your list can be more powerful and can provide more results than your blog post, Facebook status or tweet. Read More→