HEO AND SEOHEO AND SEO are both very important factors to consider when you are writing a blog post.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fits the criteria for the search engines.  Human Emotion Optimization (HEO) is the emotional connection that you develop with your reader.

Your goal is to write a blog post that meets the criteria for HEO and SEO! Read More→

Simple SEO Tips

Simple SEO TipsSimple SEO Tips can go a very long way in putting you ahead of all the competitors in your target market or niche.   You don’t have to be an expert at SEO!   If you will just follow a few tips you will be able to enjoy higher page rankings.

First and foremost, always write for your reader and not for the search engines.  When you can write for your reader in such a way to met some of the criteria needed for the search engines then it can be a win win.  Let me explain the difference between the two: Read More→


Easy WP SEOEasy WP SEO has by far become the favorite plugin for MLM Blog Training!  I kind of think of it like having my own SEO Consultant that analyzes and then helps me optimize each blog post.    This plugin scores how I use the keyword phrase utilizing over 23 proven on page SEO factors.   If my scoring is off, I simply make the necessary adjustments to the post and I can improve my score.   It just could not be any easier and it only take a few extra minutes to enhance my SEO on each blog post. Read More→

Basic SEO Tips For Your Blog Post

Basic SEO Tips For Your Blog PostWhen you are first begin to blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a little overwhelming.  MLM Blog Training offers some basic SEO tips for your blog post.   With a little effort in following some simple steps you can make a big difference in how your post ranks in the search engines.

Understand this does not mean that you will shoot to the first page of the search engines overnight.   Rarely is it that easy to get on the first page of Google.  But, if you follow the basic SEO tips for your blog post below you will make progress. Read More→

Basic SEO Tips For Your Blog

Basic SEO Tips For Your BlogThere are some basic SEO Tips for your blog that if you follow will have a positive effect in helping you to rank higher in the search engines than your competition will rank.

These tips just require consistent and diligent effort on your part.   But, you will be rewarded for your efforts since search engine ranking will play a vital role in your success online. Read More→