Easy WP SEOEasy WP SEO has by far become the favorite plugin for MLM Blog Training!  I kind of think of it like having my own SEO Consultant that analyzes and then helps me optimize each blog post.    This plugin scores how I use the keyword phrase utilizing over 23 proven on page SEO factors.   If my scoring is off, I simply make the necessary adjustments to the post and I can improve my score.   It just could not be any easier and it only take a few extra minutes to enhance my SEO on each blog post. Read More→

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE Advanced

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE AdvancedMLM Blog Training recommends TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin for your blog.  This is a powerful WordPress Plugin that gives the user the ability to edit your pages and posts in the WYSIWYG word editor.

This plugin is easy to install, configure and then use.   As of today, there has already been over 1,131,400 downloads of this plugins and it has gotten really positive ratings.  Once you install and active you can review and then select the WYSIWYG buttons that you would like to have on the editor toolbar. Read More→

WordPress Broken Link Checker

WordPress Broken Link CheckerWordPress Broken Link Checker goes on my list of favorite plugins.    Imagine getting an email or finding a note in your back office dashboard when there is a link broken on your blog!

Most all blog posts contain a link, an image, a YouTube video, etc.  You can be pretty certain that at some point your reader will click on a link that will take them to a  “404 Not Found” error page.    If this happens, you are likely to irritate your reader if not loose them all together because they are off to another post or even worst someone else’s blog. Read More→