Change Your Admin Username…or Else!

Change Your Admin UsernameChange Your Admin Username for your WordPress Blog if you want to secure it from hackers.   Many of us set up our username during the WordPress installation as ‘admin’.   Unfortunately ‘admin’ is the first username a hacker will try when they are trying to breaking into your blog.   Once they have your username then all they have to do is figure out your password which is not that hard to do for someone that is determined. recommends if you are using ‘admin’ as your username that you change it ASAP to something that is more secure! Read More→

MLM Blog Training – Why WordPress For Your MLM Blog?

Why Use WordPress For Your MLM BlogMLM Blog Training believes there are a number of reasons why you should use WordPress for your MLM Blog.  If you are involved in an MLM you need to get online and create your own MLM Blog as soon as possible!   WordPress is the platform you want to use to build your presence on the internet.

WordPress is most commonly known as a blogging platform but it is rapidly growing in popularity as a website platform for large and small businesses and home based businesses. Read More→

MLM Blog Training – Choosing A WordPress Theme

MLM Blog TrainingYou’ve got your domain name, you’ve set up your hosting account, you’ve installed WordPress and you are now looking at the default theme that comes with WordPress.   What do you do next??? Choosing a WordPress Theme can be overwhelming but MLM Blog Training encourages you not to let this slow down your progress  forward.

When choosing a WordPress Theme you need to determine whether you are going to use a Free or Premium (Paid) Theme.   Premium Themes will usually give you more flexibility, functionality and options.  But, there are some very good free themes to choose from. Read More→

MLM Blog Training – WordPress Pages And Posts

MLM Blog TrainingMLM Blog Training is often asked….What is the difference between WordPress Pages and Posts?

There are a lot of similarities between WordPress Pages and Posts there are also some differences.  A lot of people let this overwhelm them.   But, if you can understand the differences and similarities noted below you should be able to move forward in adding content to your website/blog for your readers.

Let’s get started… Read More→