Choosing Your Target Market

Choosing Your Target MarketChoosing Your Target Market is an important step in having a successful blog.  Your target market is your audience.  It is who you want to talk to in your blog posts.   And, the better you understand your target market and focus your message to them the more you will connect with your audience.

A target market is usually defined by gender, age, geography, social economics and other demographics or combinations of demographics.  A target market is a business term.  It means a segment of the market that goods and/or services are marketed.  Corporations generally study and map  demographic information to know how to best market their products and services.

Choosing your target market and understanding your target market is imperative to your online success.   Your target market sets the foundation and focus for your business.  Your ability to connect with your target market will be a contributing factor to your online income and success.   Your audience needs to trust you and your content and the only way they will do that is if you are speaking to their needs and wants.  To do this you have to understand your target market.

Choosing Your Target Market wisely, will save time and money.   Is is important you understand that your audience purchase products and services for three basic reasons:

  1. To satisfy basic needs
  2. To solve problems
  3. To make themselves feel good.

Choosing Your Target Market

When you are choosing your target market, you want to make sure:

  • Your target market has a big problem.
  • Your target market wants the problem solved.
  • You can easily find your target market.
  • Your target market has money to spend.
  • Your target market has a history of paying to solve their problem.
  • Your target market is large enough to sustain a business.
  • You enjoy working with your target market.
  • Your have a passion for helping and serving this target market.
  • Your have valuable expertise and experience you can offer.
  • Your target market fits with your lifestyle.
  • Your target market fits your business model.

In many cases once you have chosen your target market, you will realize the market it too big for you to have a recognized voice.   It may me necessary for you to refine it even further.  You may want to focus on a subset of this target market and find the profitable niche within it.   MLM Blog Training recommends Market Samurai as a tool to assist you in finding a target market and then a niche.  To learn more:  Click Here

Choosing Your Target Market

The clearer you are about who you want to do business with the more successful you and your blog will be.   The clearer you are as to who your target market is and the more content you develop just for them the more you will attract exactly the type of customer you are looking for to build your business.  Therefore, the more profitable you can become.


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  1. This is the most comprehensive list I’ve ever read on helping me define my target market. I think narrowing our target market and being sure it is just as good a fit for me and my passion as for them is a great point to make. Are those little squares on the side over there affliate links I can click on? They look really cool. I’ve never heard of Market Samurai but I will check it out. Great job, Marsha.
    Amy Hagerup recently posted..Five Doable Tips for Cell Phone SafetyMy Profile

  2. Hi Marsha, Love this post. So true that one of the hardest parts is actually finding WHO you want to market to. Great info as always. Appreciate your great tips!!!

    Also, ordered Samurai. Can’t wait to dig in!


    • Esther….
      I’m thrilled that you found this post to be beneficial. So often a blog wants to speak to everyone and everyone is just not interested. You want to understand your target market and really begin to be a relationship with them through your blog by talking to just them.


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