Different Types Of Blogs

Different Types Of BlogsDifferent types of blogs are available for different purposes.  That is one of the things that makes blogs and the concept of blogging so interesting or at least interesting to me.  Blogs are only limited by the imagination of the blogger.   While the platform may be WordPress for each type of blog, the content, manner, style, purpose and presentation can be very different.

For me, I could spend hours surfing the internet and reviewing the extensive variety of blogs.  I learn so much each time I do this and it opens my mind up to new ideas, topics, style, tools, themes, plugins….I could go on and on.

MLM Blog Training is going to cover below just a few examples of different types of blogs.

A Few Examples Of Different Types Of Blogs

Personal Blogs – It is so easy to start a blog today using WordPress.  People start blogs for so many different personal reasons.  Someone could start a blog to express their feelings about a topic or to provide information.  Sometimes a blog is created because the author wants to share special activities and/or events such as a wedding, to share information about the family or a community, to share music, political opinions, a travel journal…there are just so many reasons why someone might start a blog.  Originally a personal blog may not be started for financial reasons but the more popular the blog becomes it my open up the opportunity for monetization.

Business and/or Corporate Blogs – These blogs are usually very professional in appearance and approach.  They are created by a wide range of professionals that range from real estate professionals to lawyers, stock brokers and even doctors. These can also become a conduit between the company and the consumers.   Blogging sites share expertise, build relationships and trust because they can engage the consumers.   Business and corporate blogs are allowing companies and professionals a way to connect with their audience in a way they have never been able to do so in the past.

Mixed Blogs – Mixed blogs give the author or business the opportunity to provide constant, rarely changing information along with a blog which provides a journal type communication.  This kind of blog is really a hybrid between a website and a blog.   The website tends to provide static information and in many cases will answer questions the reader has.  The blog component allows the author the opportunity to build a relationships and engage the consumers.

MLM Blogs – MLM Blogs are about assisting you in moving your network marketing business forward.  They are created and written as a way of attracting people to you.  If done correctly, MLM Blogs are a fabulous way of building relationships and trust and then creating a lead flow for your business.   There is sometimes a misconception about what the topic you should be covering in your MLM Blog.   You should not focus on your company on your MLM Blog.  You should not focus on your MLM product on your blog.    Your MLM Blog should be focused on how you can provide information and value to your reader.  (MLM Blog Training is here to inform, support and mentor you through the process of creating a successful MLM Blog.)

Listed above are just a few examples of the different types of blogs….

Blogging is becoming more and more popular for so many people for so many different reasons.  It is a great way to share information and/or communicate with your customers or potential customers.  It is not for everyone, but, if you think it is for you then pick one of the different types of blogs that fit what you are hoping to accomplish and get started.


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