Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?  That is a very important question and your answer should be yes or else you could be loosing visitors.

A good first impression is just as important to your online  business as it is to your offline business.   Fortunately or unfortunately, you only have a few seconds and then your visitor will click away to somewhere else. We  are all guilty of thinking something we created looks good.  Do Not make that assumption!  You need to see your blog through the eyes of your visitor.  Make sure you critique your blog  and always be critical and ask yourself the question…does your blog make a good first impression?

Ask Yourself…Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

In asking yourself Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?  here are a few key points to consider:

  • Make Sure You Blog Is Simple and Uncluttered.
  • Make Sure The Fonts Size Is Large Enough For Your Reader.  If Your Niche Is An Older Market Then The Font May Need To Be Larger.
  • Do Not Use A Dark Background To Write Your Blog Posts And/Or Pages.  It Makes It To Hard To Read.
  • Use Colors That Are Inviting And Not Harsh (Unless You Are Going For An Edgy Look)
  • Your Tagline Should Be A Concise Statement That Tells Your Reader What Your Blog Is About.
  • Your Home Page Should Be A Static Page.   On Your Home Page You Should Introduce Your Reader To What Your Blog Is About And What They Can Expect If They Continue To Return.
  • Make Sure You Have A Contact Form And Contact Information.  You Want Your Reader To Be Able To Connect With You.
  • The Images On Your Blog Should Be Congruent With Your Content.
  • Your Blog Needs To Be Congruent Throughout.  Your Reader Is Likely Looking For A Solution Or Information On One Topic.
  • You Should Have A Photo And Even Better A Video Introducing Yourself To Your Reader On Your Home Page.  You Need To Connect With Your Reader.
  • If You Add A Header Make Sure It Is Congruent To The Concept And Purpose Of Your Blog.
  • Above The Folder Is Valuable Real Estate, Make Sure You Place Important Information Above The Fold.
  • Provide A ‘About You’ Page And Share Information About You That Your Niche Market Can Connect With.
  • If You Are Wanting To Build An Email List, Then You Need A Compelling Offer Above The Fold.  Make Sure You Graphics On Your Offer Are Easy To Read.
  • Don’t Be A Pushy SalesPerson On Your Blog.  You Can Add A ‘Resource Page’ To Share With Your Reader Products, Services and Opportunities.

In asking Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression? the above list will give you good starting point on some things to focus on.

Ask Others?  ….Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

Reach out to someone who’s judgement you trust and ask them to critique your blog.   Let them know you want them to be straightforward and tell you Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

This kind of critique can be very beneficial!  Ask for a critique from someone that blogs but also ask for a critique from someone that might just be a visitor.   You really need  to know how others view your blog.

Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

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Does Your Blog Make A Good First Impression?

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  1. OMG such a great point! First impressions are just so important Marsha! And your blog is a genuine pleasure to read. Some are just sooo cluttered they drive me nuts within seconds of landing on them! 🙂

  2. Hi Marsha!

    Yes, I do think my blog makes good first impression and it is partially thanks to you! Your training on how to set it up within DMC+ was just awesome and i would recommend you to any one. I’ll be following your tips here on your blog. Clear and concise and simple. Thanks!

    Stella Scott recently posted..Skin Care ReviewMy Profile

    • Stella….
      I am just thrilled to read that you found my training in DMC and information at my blog to have beneficial to you! Please keep coming back! I don’t know if you signed up for my ebook but it might also be helpful.

      I was so glad to see Ann reviewed your blog the other day. I know you got a lot of benefit from it also. I love to see you moving forward and I’m going to watch your progress!

  3. Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for the article. I think my blog may use some harsh colors, but I really like it.

    My questions is that I noticed your blog says it’s run on Builder by iThemes AND on another page for your ebook it says it’s run on OptimizedPress. I thought you could only use 1 theme on your site?

    I am preparing to purchase OP, but also don’t know how it will change my blog’s look once added – I am currently using Thesis. I want to use it to create the sales page for my offer as well as other offers I have.

    I was told by another marketer to use a separate site for all of my sales pages/squeeze pages when using OP. Then another says to use a separate site for each product when using OP.

    I really am not sure what to do, so I have not purchased OP yet. Any suggestions?
    How are you using OP on your site? and how are you using OP with another theme on your site?


    • Hi Melodye….

      Great questions! I am a big fan of Optimize Press. You have two options.
      1. You can create a stand alone site with Optimize Press (to include blog, squeeze page, sales page, membership site, etc.).
      2. Or, you can create do a new installation on an exiting blog and create a sub-directory where you install Optimize Press. As an example: I installed iThemes on and then I created a sub-directory on MLM Blog Training for OnlineWithWordPress using Optimize Press for the theme. This sub-directory created

      You can only have one theme on one url. But, the sub-directory give you a new url. Therefore, you can have a theme on the main url and another theme on the sub-directory.

      The great thing is that if you purchase Optimize Press ( my link: ) you will get a License that will allow you to create as many stand alone sites or sub-directories as you want using OP over and over again.

      As to whether you create a separate site really depends on your strategy. I do some of both.

      I hope this helps..! Glad to see you moving forward!

      ~ Marsha

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