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Email Best PracticesOne of the most effective tools you have in connecting with your audience and growing your online business is to follow some simple email best practices. These email best practices will go a long way in creating for you a profitable online business.

Unfortunately, new online marketers tend to put off developing a way to collect their visitor’s email addresses. Or, if they do collect the addresses they don’t set up an effective email campaign that will provide value to their audience.   Do you know why I know this?  I’m one of those that delayed.  I thought everything had to be perfect or close to it before I tried to collect emails addresses and then communicate with my reader via email.   Don’t make that mistake…. Don’t delay!  Start incorporating these email best practices in your business today!

9 Email Best Practices

  • Opt In Form – One of the email best practices is to have a opt in form at the top of your website along with a compelling offer.   To get your visitor to give you their email address you need to offer them something of value.  Have the opt in form above the fold.
  • Your First Email – Your first email needs to accomplish several things.  It is a welcome email but it should also let your subscriber know what they will be getting from you, when they will get it and how often you will communicate with them.  Remind them also of the benefits of your information.
  • Powerful Subject Line – Your subject line should be creative and make it hard for your subscriber not to open your email.
  • Brand You – Your brand should be incorporated into your message. Your brand should be consistent from your blog to your emails.
  • Congruent Content – One of the most important email best practices is that your email content is congruent to your blog content.
  • Call-to-Action – Give clear direction in your emails as to what you want the subscriber to do.
  • Social Media – Invite your subscriber to engage with you via social media.
  • Mobile Devices – Test and make sure you email template shows correctly on a mobile device because many people view their emails on their phone.
  • Google Analytics – Know how traffic is flowing to your site.  Google Analytics will let you see the impact your email marketing is having.

Follow this simple email best practices and you will be off to a great start to building your online empire.

Email Best Practices Should Also Include Automation

As your email list begins to grow you will not be able to manage it effectively without automation.  You will have subscribers joining your list at different times and you just won’t be able to manage your communication without automation.   There are a number of services to choose from to assist you in managing your emails.

Some of the more popular autoresponders are: Get Response, Oprius Mail, Aweber, InfusionSoft and Mail Chimp.   After reviewing each of these options I totally recommend Aweber as the autoresponder for email best practices.

To learn more you might want to read a blog post I wrote on ‘Email List Building‘.

Start Email Best Practices Today

The most important suggestion I can give you is do not wait to start your list building.  Your list doesn’t need to be big but you do need to begin communicating on a regular bases with your subscribers.    Get these email best practices in place sooner than later!


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  1. Marsha

    I agree completely with you here. I currently have a few subscribers ( 37 or so) but really have only had communication with one of them to amount to anything, even though I have reached out to all of them.

    I am currently making adjustments and have had the most luck with solo ads.

    I do agree though, that waiting until all is perfect hurts you in the long run more than it helps you.

    I am enjoying Daily Marketing Coach. Your training with wordpress has been a huge help.

    Scott Moore

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