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Email List BuildingEmail List Building is a very important component of your online business.   I wish when I started that I had fully understood the importance of having an email list and working the list.

Your list is in many ways a business asset.  Emailing to your list is your direct connection with your reader.   This asset provides you the most effective way to create a line of communication and build a relationship with your reader.   Emailing your list can be more powerful and can provide more results than your blog post, Facebook status or tweet.

Email List Building Tips

Here are 9 tips to assist you in Email List Building and in engaging your readers via email:

1. Start An Email List Right Away!

 Don’t wait!   Start your email list building right after you set up your blog!   I confess…I delayed in getting my list started for   I now know that delaying was a BIG mistake and that I should have focused on building my email list right  from the beginning.

2. Utilize Your Autoresponder

It does no good to build your list if you don’t use the list to follow up.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the fortune is in the follow up”.   You should write a series of emails that your readers will receive over a period of time.  The next step is to add those emails to an autoresponder so you can automate this step.   These emails will keep your readers engaged and interested in you and your brand and will assist you in building a relationship with your reader.

While you will want to automate the process of email list building, the emails themselves will provide a powerful personal connection with your reader.   It is also an effective way to automate your “calls to action” which will direct your reader to what you want them to do whether that is drive them back to your blog  or to your product or an affiliate link.

There are a number of autoresponders but recommends Aweber.

3. Provide Valuable Content In Your Emails

People lead such busy lives today and their inbox is filled with emails.  You need to provide content that gives them information, shows them how to do something and bottomline gives them valuable content.

I believe it is okay to include promotions, products, affiliate links, etc.  in your emails as long as you always provide value and what you are suggesting is congruent to the topics as to why your reader is following you.   Your email series should be a combination of educational  and promotional whether in the same email in in alternating emails.

4. Make Sure Your Emails Are Congruent To Your Blog

While it is important you provide valuable content as noted above, it is more important that your email series be congruent to your blog.  Your readers are following you because they connected with you on a certain topic or message.   You could easily lose a reader if your emails are about a different topic.  Stay true to your message.

5. Create An Interesting Subject Line….Create Curiosity

 The subject line is the first thing your readers will read and it can make a difference as to whether they continue to read your email.   It needs to be interesting, descriptive and create a level of curiosity.  Make the reader want to read more!

6. Remind Your Readers Why They Are Getting These Emails

Your Email List Building will be a waste of time if your readers drop off so you need to work at keeping readers on your list.  So, if you are not emailing on a regular bases, people can forget why they are getting an email from you.  A suggestion would be to put a note at the bottom of your email that reminds them that they subscribed.

An example of what I might add to the bottom of my email series would be:

This newsletter is being sent to you because you subscribed to with Marsha

7. Understand the Frequency In Sending Out Your Emails

How frequently your emails go out to your readers depends on a number of things.   When someone first signs up for your Compelling Offer you want to follow up immediately and more frequently in the beginning. Then you might move towards weekly with a broadcast added if something important needs to be communicated.

As an example consider Online With WordPress which is the ebook I offer on my blog.  Because it is walking someone through the installation and set up of their blog, they should probably get a daily email from me for the first couple of weeks.  After that then a weekly email would could work towards building our relationship as I provide information and suggest products I recommend.

8. Tell Your Readers  What To Expect Going Forward

At the end of your emails, I’d suggest you give your readers a bit of information on what is coming next.

If your not sure what your later emails will be about, it is still a good idea to mention that you will be sending another email sometime in the near future.  This will “prepare” your reader to expect another email in the future from you.   The anticipation will increase your open rate.

9. Connect With The Reader…..Be Personal!

Remember….each email in your series will be going to different people but you don’t want the email to read like it is going to a crowd.    Always use the feature in the autoresponder that allows you to add their name because this will make the email more personalized.  Write like you are talking to a friend and that you are just wanting to share information with them that you think would be helpful.  Remember that Email List Building is an important part of your online business but it is not about just building the list, it is about building the relationship.

Do not make your emails ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’.   Be direct but write in a friendly tone.  Write as if you know these people and that you are talking directly to one of them (even though you are talking to a group).

Importance of Email List Building

Hopefully this list have provided you with a good understanding of the importance of Email List Building in your business!  It should be a priority, it should be automated, it should be personal and it should be congruent to your blog.

Don’t forget you are building an asset with your Email List Building!


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