Frequently Asked Questions And AnswersI am constantly being asked questions and I answer them when I know the answer.  If I don’t know the answer I do my best to find the answer for my visitors.

I decided it made sense to start sharing some of the Questions and Answers with all my visitors.


Q: What is your process for writing an effective blog post?

A:  I wrote a blog post answering this question.


Q: You mentioned a plugin, “Easy WP SEO”. Would that work along with “All in One SEO Pack,” or would I want one or the other?

A:  Easy WP SEO in an affiliate product and I use it in conjunction with All In One SEO Pack.


Q: I am setting up a new website, and whenever I try to insert a photo, the type comes right up to the edge of it. Doesn’t happen on my other sites. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

A: Load the picture > then click on the picture in the editor > a little box comes up > click on the box > choose Advanced Settings > under Image Properties put in following: Vertical Space 10 and Horizonal Space 10 > click Update. You can adjust the Vertical, Horizonal and Border with any number you like but I use 0, 10, 10.



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