Gravatar – Important In Branding You

GravatarYour Gravatar is an important element in branding you on the internet.  You want to create an strong online presence and one of the ways to do that is to create a Gravatar.   It is free, easy and quick to set one up.   And, a must-have for anyone who is serious about doing business online.

What Is A Gravatar?

It is the image that is associated with you on the internet and it follows you from site to site.   The image can be a picture of you or it can be a logo.  The Gravatar appears next to your name on a blog, when you post to forums,  when you make comments on someone else’s blog or if your blog is featured on a tag page.  You do not want your image to be one of the faceless images on the internet.

A Gravatar Is Important In Branding You?

It is an important part of your online representation.    Creating a Gravatar is far more attractive than the alternative – a white, faceless image on a grey background or one of the generic, odd looking logos.  I’m sure you agree that none of those images do anything to assist in branding you.   Just compare one of those images to an attractive picture of you or your logo.

Your Gravatar is effective in helping you create an identity for you in the online world.   It provides a consistent positive image that helps you in branding you.   Your image will enhance your visitor’s experience and interaction with you and make people more comfortable in relating to you.  Your image helps in making a connection with your audience and it helps your audience remember you.

 GravatarSteps In Setting Up A Gravatar?

Setting up your Gravatar is really easy and will only take a few minutes but it is time well spent.   You can either install a WordPress plugin like simply follow the 5 steps below.

  1. Go to and sign up for your Gravatar account.    Give your email address. Ensure you use the same email that you use for your WordPress site. 
  2. Set up a password – follow link from the confirmation email to set up a password.
  3. Upload a picture, set up your Gravatar – Now it gets more fun and creative. You have to choose your picture. To add your picture, click on Add a new one. Upload your image (from your computer’s hard drive, the internet, etc.)   You might prefer to use a logo but remember you want your audience to connect with you and that you are branding you.
  4. Crop your picture and set up a rating for the picture – Choose whether your picture is G, PG, R or X rated. I would suggest using a G rated picture.
  5. Click on your uploaded picture to confirm that you want to associate the image with the email address you uploaded.

It is just that easy!   Your Gravatar is set up and ready to go.   You are no longer a generic, faceless image but instead you made an important step in branding you.   As long as you use the email address you set up with your picture the picture will appear alongside any blog posts, comments, etc. that you make online.   So don’t wait any longer….get your Gravatar set up now!


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  1. Thanks for this useful blog post, Marsha. I must come back here often and look at more of your posts. So much to do, so little time! I’ve set up my Gravatar. Now to see if it works.
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