How To Promote Your Blog Post

How To Promote Your Blog PostHow To Promote Your Blog Post is sometimes overlooked when the blogger is so focused on promoting their blog.   You spend so much time determining what you are going to blog about, doing research, writing the blog post, adding just the right image and making sure the post is optimized for HEO (Human Emotion Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  But, then you don’t promote the blog post…why not?

No excuses anymore!  I’m going to outline for you 13 ways you can promote your blog posts which will in reality will promote your blog and your business!

How To Promote Your Blog Post 13 Ways

There are numerous ways that you can promote your blog post but I’m going to share with you 13 things you can do immediately:

Email Signature

It is really common to add your blog’s URL to your signature line in an email.   I do it all the time.  I add in my email signature line.   Instead, I’m suggesting you add a link to one of your blog posts.

Internal Links

Internal linking to another blog post that is similar may not bring you new traffic but it is  good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increased post views and it increases the amount of time your visitor stays on your blog. I use a free plugin that assists me in linking to another blog post: RB Internal Links

Guest Posts

The advantage of a guest post is that it gets you and your blog’s name noticed by other readers.   Plus, you will be able to link back to your own blog.   Always look for other bloggers who are open to you contributing content to their blog.

Social Networking

You can use social networking to promote your blog posts.  Some of the popular sites would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  Google + and Pinterest.   Keep in mind your niche and what social site they would frequent.   Don’t spam your followers but do promote your posts as a way to stay in front of them and to pull them back to your blog.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with people and to bring them back to your blog.    You can add a link to your blog post in your email in your email series.  Or you can send a email broadcast with a link to a blog post.  I’d suggest you only tease then with a few sentences from the blog post and then give them the link to the post.  This will increase your traffic on your blog.

Comment On Other Blogs

Visit other blogs that your niche might visit and make comment on their blog posts.  Read their post and then make a comment that reflects the fact your read the post.  Most blogs allow you to leave a link back to your blog or blog post.

Comment In Forums

Visit forums that your niche would frequent.  Be helpful.  Answer questions asked by other visitors in the forum.  Make sure you check out the rules of the forum but most will let you provide a link to your blog or blog post.

SEO Optimization

This is a longer term strategy but it will pay off in the long run.  Provide valuable content in each blog post and learn how to optimize each post for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   This will improve your page ranking on the search engines therefore exposing your blog posts to more readers.

Post On A Regular Bases

Add quality content on a weekly basis (or at least on a regular bases)   Your readers want new content and they are willing to return, bookmark your site, subscribe to your email newsletter, RSS feed, social network pages.

Reply To Every Comment Made On Your Blog

If someone takes the time to make a comment on your blog posts make sure your response to their comment.  I use 2 plugins that email the person that commented on my blog post a ‘thank you’ and then they get an email with my comment back to them along with an invitation to keep coming back to my blog because I’m always adding new post.   The plugins are: Thank Me Later and Comment Reply Notificaton


Create a video about your blog post and then add the video to a site like YouTube.    Make sure you add relevant keywords, a title and a link to your blog post.


Create a Newsletter and then add a way for your reader to subscribe either in your sidebar or at the end of each post (or both).   In your Newsletter, provide the link to one or several of your blog posts.

Advertise Your Post

Use content rich blog posts as mini ad campaign with a small budget using a Facebook or YouTube PPC.   This will drive traffic to your blog posts and your blog.

Strategy For How To Promote Your Blog Post

You do need a strategy so give this some thought.  How you promote your blog is a component of your branding and it is dependent on your niche.   If your niche is comprised of  people that would not use Twitter then you don’t want or need to promote your blog posts there.  Knowing your niche will guide where and how you promote your blog posts.

How To Promote Your Blog Post

Now you have 13 ideas on How To Promote Your Blog Post….get out there and do it!


Marsha Godwin


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  1. Some of the best ways to promote your posts, articles, videos etc… The only one I do not trust anymore is SEO optimization. Had couple site ranking nicely, but last month they were all tanked by Google…

    Do you have any suggestion on recovery or should I just wait and see what is going on.



    • Brett…

      I’ve written a number of blog posts about Simple SEO Tips. You can find them under the ‘SEO Blueprint’ Category. By following these simple tips I’ve not been hit too bad by Google.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Hi Marsha

    I have recently set up my google analytics and was shocked to see that I am not getting any visitors to my blog. I have tried linking to other people’s posts but maybe need to do a bit more. I currently have my MLM website in my email signature but will change it to my blog site. When I do a post it automatically goes out to twitter and facebook. I have managed to get some more followers on twitter by promoting the posts. I think maybe I am going to have to up my game and do a video post.

    Thank you for your tips they are really helpful.

    Linda recently posted..3 Tips On How To Respond To Someone Pitching You On Their MLM Business.My Profile

    • Hi Linda…

      It does take awhile to get traffic to your blog so be persistent. SEO, Social Media and PPC are three ways to get traffic. Video is an important component and I know you would be good on camera…go for it.

      ~ Marsha

  3. Hey Marsha!

    Some solid tips for promoting you blog here and it’s always welcome to get a link to a cool WP plugin! Cheers for that!

    Really easy to read, clear and concise advice.

    I wish I could say the points that basically engender good manners needn’t be said. But of course, replying to comments and saying ‘thank you’ – DOES need to be said! Sadly!

    Robin J Emdon recently posted..The REAL Maths of Network Marketing Exposed – The Diamond in the Rough!My Profile

    • Robin…

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on ‘How To Promote Your Blog Post’. Thanks also for the positive feedback. And …this is my “Thank You” to you!

      Please come visit us again!

      ~ Marsha

  4. Hi Marsha – Now why on earth didn’t I think of including a link to a blog post in my email signatures? What a brilliant idea! I have really been using Promoted Posts on Facebook to advertise certain Facebook posts and also blog posts. It seems to have a better click through rate for me and my numbers have gone up. You also have encouraged me in the past to post routinely and I have been trying to get at least three up a week (if not more), being consistant works….just like you said it would! Thank You!…facebook-likes/
    Diane Grant recently posted..12 Great Ways to Grow Facebook LikesMy Profile

    • Hi Diane…
      I also love the idea of promoting your post by adding the link into your email signature.

      Glad to see you are having some success for posting more frequently. Keep it up!

      ~ Marsha

    • Hi Peter…
      I think the 2 plugins I recommended provide you with a way to thank your reader for taking the time to make a comment. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you back again. ~ Marsha

  5. Great list, and there’s 1 in here I’ve been considering changing to. My DMO thus far has been video first, then blog post and include the video. It’s always a struggle to not just repeat myself in both but add extra in the video.
    Afraid I’m not too good at that. 🙂
    I’ve been thinking of switching it, do the blog post first, and then the video.
    Also, I notice you don’t mention ‘Tribes’ in here. I know some swear by them, but I’ve always had mediocre results. Thoughts?
    Jon R. Patrick recently posted..The “Buy a Downline” Gimmick?My Profile

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