Ideas For Using PLR

Ideas For Using PLRIdeas for using PLR and MLM Blog Training will provide you with suggestions to make you more productive in your online business.

I believe PLR can give your online business a jump start when you are first beginning to work online.   And, when you learn how to use in properly in your business it can make your more productive, better utilize your time and assist you in growing your business.

Unfortunately, many online marketer are not even familiar with PLR or they don’t know how to effectively implement it into their online business.

So what is PLR?   PLR is the acronym for Private Label Right.   This ‘right’ permits you the ability to take someone else’s  product and edit or modify it to make it your own as if you were the original owner of the product.   PLR can be in the form of ebooks, articles, audio, video, etc.

You have an exclusive right over several things regarding the product.  Plus you can keep all the money you are able to make from the product.   You do not have to share the profits like you do with affiliate marketing.

By having the private label rights you are permitted to change content of the product.   In fact, we encourage you to start with the product and modify it to make it your own product in your own voice.  The PLR you purchase works best when you use it as a skeleton or framework to build your content.   However, you decide to use the product just make sure you make it your own…it needs to sound or read like it came from you.  In doing so, you can proudly brand it as your product yet you only edited it to fit your needs and the needs of your target market.

We’re eager to share with you Ideas For Using PLR!

 Ideas For Using PLR

1.  Create your compelling offer.

You will want to create a compelling offer on your blog as a way of gaining a name and email address in order to start your list building.  List building is the life blood of your online business.  You need an offer that is compelling enough that someone is willing to give your their contact information in order to get the offer.   When you are just starting your online business your have so much to learn.  So, if you can find a PLR product that you can use as a foundation and then modify to your voice it will move you forward faster.

2.  Sell the PLR product to your customers.

Want some extra income?   You can modify the PLR product to your voice and then sell in one your blog or create a sales page.   This is a easy way to get into income whether you are new to the online world or your are an experiences pro.

3.  Blog Articles.

Many PLR products come with several chapters.   Modify the content to your voice, add in your affiliate links if appropriate to the article and then divide the chapters into different posts and your will have several blog posts your can schedule to go out every few days from WordPress.  Very Important that you modify each post to your voice and to the needs of your target market.

4.  Webinars.

You can use PLR content as the basis for your webinar presentation.  You can then develop powerpoint slides create an entire webinar presentation around this product.

5.  Podcasts.

You can repurpose the PLR into audio.  With a headset and Audacity you can create a podcast.   Then for extra traffic you can submit your recording to podcast directories like iTunes.

6.  Membership Sites.

PLR give you an easy way to create continuous value to your membership site week after week.   Or, another idea would be to use PLR to create a fixed-term membership site.    You would then add the content into Aweber and automate the entire process!

7.  Affiliate Bonuses.

Since Affiliate marketing is becoming more competitive every day you need something that sets you apart.   You can use PLR to develop bonus offers for any affiliate product you’re promoting.

8.  Autoresponder Sequence.

Are you looking for ideas and content to email to your subscribers?   PLR might be the answer.   Break up the PLR content into short articles and modify to your voice.  Then upload the articles into your autoresponder.

Ideas For Using PLR – Recommended Resources

All PLR companies are not equal.   MLM Blog Training recommends the following PLR Resources:

PLR Resources that I have used:

Coaching PLR  Content: – See more at:

PLR Resources that appear to be good options but I have not purchased:

Remember….Ideas For Using PLR

PLR is a great way to move your business forward.  But, you do not want the content to sound or read like it came from someone else.  There are many ideas for using PLR but you have to make what you use congruent to your voice.


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  2. Marsha – Thanks for the information! After spending time talking with you on the phone and reviewing your presentation from the Renegade Workshop, I found helpful resources here for finding a good starting point for my offer. Thanks!
    Carol Lamoreaux recently posted..Online MarketingMy Profile

    • Carol….

      It was good to talk with you this afternoon. Wasn’t the Renegade Team Workshop great! I enjoyed being a presenter but I also learned a lot from other presenters and for the attendees. I’m looking forward to our next Workshop! I’m so glad the information I provided at the Workshop and here on my blog has been useful to you.

  3. Marsha this is great information. I only wish I would have come across this BEFORE I developed my eBook from scratch! I could have saved myself a ton of time by simply using PLR. However, with the information and resources you provided here, I’ll be sure to implement this for future projects, and free up my time for other income producing activities. This is a great resource, thank you!

    • Eryn…
      Good PLR can be an effective tool for your online business. I’m glad you found this post beneficial and useful for your future.

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