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MLM Blog TrainingYou’ve got your domain name, you’ve set up your hosting account, you’ve installed WordPress and you are now looking at the default theme that comes with WordPress.   What do you do next??? Choosing a WordPress Theme can be overwhelming but MLM Blog Training encourages you not to let this slow down your progress  forward.

When choosing a WordPress Theme you need to determine whether you are going to use a Free or Premium (Paid) Theme.   Premium Themes will usually give you more flexibility, functionality and options.  But, there are some very good free themes to choose from.

There are a number of things you should consider but know that you can always change the theme at a later time if you find another theme that better finds your needs.

Choosing A WordPress ThemeChoosing A WordPress Theme

This list will cover some of the things MLM Blog Training believes you should consider when choosing a WordPress Theme.

Your Budget – If you are on a tight budget or you can’t decide which theme to start with then go with one of the free themes.   There are several free themes that I recommend below.

Theme Options – The face of your blog is important but the back office is critical also. A truly good theme comes with options for configuring various features, includes custom post options and/or custom page templates. Avoid themes with proprietary methods for managing image or force you to manually enter custom fields. Content and theme installation should be effortless and straightforward. Additional features you should look for are:

    • Is the theme widget ready?
    • Does it support or use WordPress 3.0 menus?
    • Is it optimized for WordPress 3+?
    • Does it require you to install 3rd-party plugins?
    • Can the footer text and links be changed?
    • Does it offer page templates options?
    • Is it easy to edit the header?

Theme nor your hosting provider assists with errors or other issues that are related to your theme.  Make sure any premium theme provides some kind of support with a community forum or support ticket system.  WordPress, themes and plugins need to be up to date at all times to avoid hackers.   Non-supported themes makes this difficult when major WordPress updates hit the market.

MLM Blog TrainingMLM Blog Training Recommendations

MLM Blog Training can evaluate all the free and premium themes that are in the market place.  However, I do believe the lists provided below are some of the best free and premium themes.

MLM Blog Training – Free WordPress Theme Recommendations

Presently there are almost 1500 themes on the site that will assist you in choosing a WordPress Theme from the free directory.   Where do you start?   If you are new to blogging I suggest you might want to start with one of these Free WordPress Themes and upgrade to one of the Premium WordPress Themes later.

    • Weaver 11 (or latest version)
    • Twenty Eleven – Newest 2011 Default Theme
    • Twenty Ten – 2010 Default Theme
    • Atahualpa Theme By BytesForAll

MLM Blog Training – Premium WordPress Theme Recommendations

There are 3 major advantages for a blogger to choose a Premium WordPress Theme.

    1. These themes offer more options, functionality and flexibility.
    2. They have excellent forums that you can join and you can ask questions and learn from others.
    3. They provide some training on the use of their theme.


 iThemesClick Here: iThemes    (my very favorite theme)

Themes is one of the leaders in producing high-quality premium WordPress themes for photographers, designers, and businesses.

This blog is using iTheme. It is so flexible and easy to customize.


Click Here:  Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes aren’t only beautiful, they are also packed full of some amazing features!


OptimizePressClick Here: OptimizePress     (favorite)

OptimizePress is a revolutionary new WordPress Theme that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages, sales letters, one-time offer pages, launch pages and much more, all through a simple point and click interface. You don’t need to be a technical genius.


Woo ThemesClick Here: Woo Themes

Woo Themes are all built on a solid code framework which has been fine tuned over time. With a new back end to let you easily control the theme options and multiple theme styles to every theme.


Studio PressClick Here: StudioPress

The Genesis Theme Framework is built on a simple blog-type parent theme. The great thing about the way Genesis is built, is the child theme’s functions file is where a number of things occur: sidebar widgets, custom functions are defined as well as filtered and hooked.


ThesisClick Here: Thesis

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a premium theme designed to serve as a solid foundation for any kind of website. Over 27,000 people rely on the SEO, design flexibility and lightning-fast loading times that Thesis provides. This premium theme is worth the money!


MLM Blog Training knows that choosing a WordPress Theme is an important decision.  Take your time to review the various themes to find the one that you think will best fit your needs.  But, do not let choosing a WordPress Theme stall your efforts to begin blogging.

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  1. Hi Marsha!
    I really appreciate all that you do to help us newbies get set up and rolling online. Although I’ve been in Network Marketing off and on for years and I’m a solid coach, the technical area is where I need help, as you can see from my blog, haha. You fill that gap.

    Thank you so much,
    Frank Blaydes

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