MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE Advanced

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE AdvancedMLM Blog Training recommends TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin for your blog.  This is a powerful WordPress Plugin that gives the user the ability to edit your pages and posts in the WYSIWYG word editor.

This plugin is easy to install, configure and then use.   As of today, there has already been over 1,131,400 downloads of this plugins and it has gotten really positive ratings.  Once you install and active you can review and then select the WYSIWYG buttons that you would like to have on the editor toolbar.

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced is the big brother of TinyMCE.  The additional functionality will allow you to do a number of different things on your blog without having to know or understand HTML.

This plugin adds 16 features to TinyMCE:

Advanced hr – Advanced Image – Advanced Link – Context Menu – Emotions (Smilies) – Full Screen – IESpell – Layer – Media – Nonbreaking – Print – Search and Replace – Style – Table – Visual Characters – XHTML Extras

These 2 plugins together add over 40 new buttons to your toolbar.   Some of the new features added by this plugin are:

  1. Font size and font family selection.
  2. Support for making and editing tables.
  3. Advanced list and image dialogs that offer a lot of options.
  4. Search and Replace while editing.
  5. Support for XHTML specific tags and for (div based) layers.
  6. Support for adding inline css styles to any element.

 WordPress Visual Editor

This is an example of the basic editor in WordPress

Basic Editor

Install TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced

1.Download TinyMCE Advanced: Click Here

2. Install

3. Activate

4. Located under Settings

 5. Configure the plugin


TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

You can configure the settings so the functions you use can be added to your toolbar.   Simply drag and drop the buttons up to the toolbar.  Once you have your toolbar configured the way you want it then save the changes.  Having the editor set up with the functions you use will save you so much time.

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE Advanced

Customizing the TinyMCE Advanced toolbar:

  1. Click the Settings section in the Site Admin.
  2. Click TinyMCE Advanced.
    1. Add buttons to the toolbar by dragging them from the lower section up to the toolbar above.
    2. Reorder buttons by dragging them to the desired location in the toolbar.
    3. Remove buttons you do not use by dragging them from the top to the bottom section.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

 WordPress Visual Editor With TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced

I chose the functions that I thought I would use on a regular bases when I configured TinyMCE Advanced.  Not only does this new toolbar save me time but it also gives me the options to style my posts or pages without knowing or understanding HTML.

(This plugin is far more complex than what I have laid out in this post.  I have outlined the popular and basic functions that you can configure and start using within just minutes of installation.)

MLM Blog Training recommends TinyMCE Advanced as a WordPress plugin that you should also include in your list of favorite plugins.

Marsha Godwin


Marsha Godwin
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  1. Thank you Marsha for another great blogging tip!

    I have been blogging for months now and I just kept thinking that there’s got to be more that I can do with my posts.
    So what a great surprise to discover that there are so many more options available!

    And the coaching that you have done has had an enormous impact on me. It has provided the understandings and direction that I have needed to build my confidence to be successful in blogging!

    You have a great understanding and passion for what you are doing .. and a great way of describing those little things that make a big difference!

    I’m so grateful to be on this team!


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