You will need an Autoresponder to connect with your audience and build an email list. This is absolutely a necessary tool for an online business owner.

There are a number of Autoresponders on the market. But, after much research I feel that Aweber or Oprius offer the best services and value for your online business. They offer similar and different functions. Both also allow for a trial period so you can try them both out and see which one you think best serves your needs.


AweberAweber is one of my favorite tools. It is a necessary tool for building your list (and we all know that the money is in the list!) In fact, an autoresponder is one of the 3 must tools for your online business.  I choose Aweber as my autoresponder.

You have a number of  options to chose from or you can customize the opt in forms for your blog. You can set up broadcast emails or sequence emails based on your needs.  Plus you have the ability to create newsletters within this program.

Staying in touch with your audience is critical and Aweber is a easy, effective way to do so.    Aweber allows you to test drive their system for 30 days for $1.    Click Here: Aweber


OpriusOprius was originally developed for MLM and Network Marketers.    In reality this Contact Management Software is very effective for any Independent Sales Professional.

Ideal for the beginner to intermediate business owner.   Oprius offers a full Customer Relationship Management System with numerous features.

You will enjoy an integrated double opt-in autoresponder and lead capture page builder.  This means that you can capture lead information, have the lead directly added into your CRM and then you can automatically begin communication with your new prospect.

Oprius has an easy to use relationship builder system.  Your leads can be placed in different plans and multiple plans.   You can  automatically schedule phone calls, emails and direct mail pieces.  Never lose contact with a lead again.

Plus you can set it up so it will send a text message to your phone…Never miss an appointment again.

Oprius is a great all-in-one system for streamlining your business.   To take advantage of the 30 day free trial period click here:  Oprius


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