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Follow Up ToolThe Send Out Cards system let’s you make your own cards and send them out for both personal and business use. It let’s you send out cards for all occasions – holiday photo cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, personalized greeting card and cards for all kinds of special events. Whether you want to send one card or hundreds of paper greeting cards, Send Out Cards is your solution.

You can pick a design from over 14,000 designs on our web site or upload a digital photo and make your own custom card design.

  • Upload photos, logos, or coupons
  • Type in your personal message
  • Print it in your handwriting, with your signature
  • Even add a gift if you choose

Then let Send Out Cards stuff the envelope, add the stamp and mail the card for you!

Send Out Cards can send one card at a time or they can send hundreds of cards all automated. In addition, you can Send Out Cardsautomate cards to go out on specific dates such as birthdays or anniversaries….never miss a special date again. And, you can set up campaigns to send out a series of cards for various reasons.

It just gets better! They can even add to your card a box of cookies, brownies, or other food items. Or, they can insert a gift card to one of your favorite stores as a thank you or as a present. Or, they can insert an American Express gift card for up to $100. There is no reason to waste time going to a store. Let Send Out Cards do it all for you.

SendOutCards is a tool that can assist ANY business. It is a powerful tool for building relationships with customers, prospects and your team. Establishing contact and staying connected is an extremely important factor in the success of your business. This tool will assist you in follow up and follow through.

SendOutCards prints your card, stuffs your card and mails your card, all for less than a greeting card at the store. With just a little effort you can make a difference in someone’s life.

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