Lead Capture and Sale Pages

As you build your business online with your blog/website you will need to create lead capture pages, sales pages, launch pages and more. Both of the products below will allow you to create professional pages. OptimizePress is a WordPress Theme while Premise is a WordPress Plugin.


OptimizePressClick Here: OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress is a revolutionary new WordPress Theme that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages, sales letters, one-time offer pages, launch pages and much more, all through a simple point and click interface.

You don’t need to be a technical genius, and you certainly don’t need a graphics degree to create amazing looking and high converting pages with OptimizePress.


PremiseClick Here: Premise

Premise empowers you to quickly and easily build custom, graphically-enhanced landing pages without cost, code or hassle.

Premise delivers copywriting advice for each type of landing page directly from your WordPress interface, so you get better while getting things done.

Premise makes conversion and search engine optimization a snap, so you can get back to focusing on your business.
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