Market Samurai

Market Samurai Market Samurai is an amazing tool that does so much more than just keyword research and this tool is highly recommended by MLM Blog Training.

99% of marketers fail to rank in Google! If you are blogging as a hobby, you may not care how high you rank in Google but if you are building an online business you need to arm yourself with the best tool for success….Market Samurai is that tool!

Keyword Research – Domains – Rank Tracker – SEO Competition – Find Content – Publish Content – Monetization – Promotions

Market Samurai offers 8 modules that will guide you through the process of determining a profitable niche, the keywords that support that niche, content for your blog and a path to monetization.    The keyword research tools within Market Samurai is free and the full version has a one time cost but in my opinion this tool is priceless!

Market: a community of people who share a common interest in a particular subject or activity.   Within each market you’ll find multiple niches.

Niche: a niche is a subset of a market that relates to a specific topic.

Keywords: the words or phrases that members of a market type into a search engine in order to explore a particular niche.


  • Highly RELEVANT to the content on your website, blog, lead capture page, etc.
  • Has a good level of TRAFFIC.
  • Has acceptable levels of COMPETITION.
  • Has a high level of COMMERCIALITY.


Market Samurai

Using the modules in Market Samurai you will be able to define your niche and a list of profitable keywords.   This will assist you in establishing a solid foundation on which to build your online business.

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