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MLM Blog Training Testimonials

Here’s what others have to say about working with Marsha…..

Curt JohnsonCoach Curt Johnson ~ Its has been great to work so closely with you over the past few years.  And – more recently with all the wisdom and help at


Your assistance on updating some of my online content has saved me so much time!  I needed to implement a new blog with some fresh keyword research and SEO optimized.  The communication in establishing this has been excellent, professional and timely.


Thanks, would have taken at least three times as long and not nearly as effective with the search engines without your help.  Coach Curt Johnson

Lisa TrostLisa Trost  ~  Marsha Godwin is what I like to call a “queen of blogging” and she knows her stuff! is a helpful resource to use when creating your own blog, or if you are looking to hire someone to help you get moving. Include what Marsha tells you to include – and avoid the common errors – and watch your blog gain traction faster than you may have thought possible!  Lisa Trost  

Diane GrantDiane Grant  ~  As the owner of a pest control company, on the Oregon coast, these economic times have had me wondering how to diversify my income and develop some other income streams. I know I’m not alone in that search!   After joining The Renegade Team, an awesome team that provides extensive training and opportunity for growth and new business development, I found that I still had trouble finding the time to get all the mechanics in place.  I spent weeks between phone calls about bugs and weeks trying to focus on the training and do a step by step process in building my blog.  With too many distractions in my present business, I just wasn’t making headway on getting my blog up and moving forward.


Enter Marsha Godwin….savior of my blog and my new business.  Marsha helped me focus my attention on the important pieces to get up and running.  Turning the design, the nuts and bolts part of forming my site over to Marsha gave it the professional polish I couldn’t begin to focus on.  Marsha was able to get my blog moving in the right direction, provide me with the tools to operate my blog and allowed me to focus on articles, my opt-in product and my marketing.  Marsha provided the design, the tools and the focused training I needed.  Thanks Marsha!  Literally, I couldn’t have done it without you!    Diane Grant  

KristaKrista Kowaluk ~ “Oh Marsha. Dear Marsha. This magnificent lady is the reason I’m up and running online – period. Starting an online business is overwhelming, to say the least – Marsha set up all the technical stuff for my blog, with ease and grace – she saved me the technical panic I had envisioned in taking on such a task, so I could focus on other parts I enjoyed much more. I always felt confident in the fact that THAT part of my online success was done right! And her training? Yeesh. To say ‘above and beyond’ would be a gross understatement. I truly feel I have made a friend in Marsha and trust her judgement and skills with my ‘business life!’  – Oh wait!! Keyword research too!!! Because of Marsha I am a Market Samurai PRO – arming me for my online SEO presence to be more advanced than the average online bear. ONE SMART COOKIE. (and just as sweet;) Thank you Marsha!”   Krista Kowaluk

DaveDave Petrucelli ~ Marsha, I first want to thank you so much for all your hard work.  Everything looks really great! You have really done an awesome job on setting up my blog! My brother look at it and just loved it. I will work on the posts tonight and I will definitely be using you more.  I also want to say that I will defintely be buying more of your time in the near future.  Thank you again for all your help!   Dave Petrucelli

Eric YamaguchiEric Yamaguchi  ~  A+ would be the grade I gave to Marsha. Her knowledge and patience working with someone like me who is trying to catch up on today’s technology has no comparison. I felt comfortable asking her mundane questions and she made sure that I understood.   I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to get their blog page set up with limited time to do it for yourself.    Plus I love southern accents….Eric Yamaguchi

Steve and Pam LarsonSteve and Pam Larson  ~  Today was a mile stone for My wife and I. Who would have thought that we would create a blog site. Well its up just need to add a little more content. Thanks to Marsha Godwin. What a pleasure it was working with her. Marsha thank you for your patience. She goes the extra mile.  Steve and Pam Larson  

Ardelle AndersonArdelle Anderson  ~  Recently I had the pleasure of Marsha Godwin helping me set up my blog.  I was referred to Marsha by one of the great trainers in the system with which I work.  His remark was – Marsha is great in setting up blogs but she will also be there after it is done for help, which I have found to be very valuable.  My expertise in this type of thing is almost nill and Marsha has patience beyond the limits.  If you need help and do not where to start or finish, you will enjoy Marsha Godwin and her expertise.   Ardelle Anderson  

Fan PitreFran Pitre  ~  “As a newcomer to online network marketing, I am very grateful for the suggestions and encouragement I received from Marsha Godwin. After posting some questions on our team facebook page, I received a message from Marsha offering to give me some advice on SEO, blog organization, and how to create an attractive offer for visitors to willingly subscribe to my website. She took time out of her busy schedule to reach out to me and share some of her expertise to ensure the success of my blog, and for this I am very thankful. Marsha really knows the ins and outs of efficient/effective blog creation, and is an enormous asset to our already amazing marketing team! ”  Fran Circe Pitre

PeterPeter A. Robben  ~  Thank you for all your help. I appreciate how very organized you were in preparation for our meetings. You delivered much more than promised and I would certainly recommend you to others who want help building their blogs.   Thanks so much.  Peter A. Robben  

Jory FisherJory Fisher ~ Marsha, I’m blessed to know you! Thank you for the expert training you gave us at the Renegade Action Workshop in MN and for the one-on-one attention you generously offer so many of us, including me. You always go the extra extra EXTRA mile to ensure that we “get it.” We are grateful!!!!!

Besides being an excellent teacher/mentor who knows how to break things down into understandable pieces, you’re delightful! I look forward to getting together with you again and again. Jory Fisher


 Laurie RogersLaurie Rogers ~I was new to internet marketing, but wanted to get my blog off the ground as soon as I could.  Marsha’s coaching combined doing some of it for me with teaching me how to handle my blog on my own.  She showed me a great deal of patience and respect during a very steep part of my technology learning curve, and definitely over-delivered! I really felt supported and encouraged as I took on tasks that were very unfamiliar to my experience. Laurie Rogers, La Crescent, MN


 Ravi PaliaRavi Palia ~ I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for building, training and motivating me to write my blog.   Not only you build and designed my blog but you went much beyond your mandate to add many freebies. Because of you I have now started writing my blog and today I have posted my second blog post. Your analogy of explaining the entire process as to building a home made it so much easy to understand right from domain name, hosting to pluggins, appearance, settings, widgets and categories.  This made it very simple for me to work the entire process because of what you did for me. Your one on one webinar was so great and I am sure I tested all your patience but you answered all my questions and explained it in a very simple way.   I highly recommend anyone who is thinking or struggling to build their blog to go to you. You will be up on WWW in no time. Ravi Palia


This is just a small example of the MLM Blog Training Testimonials received for those that have found the tools, resources, training and support provided by Marsha to be beneficial.


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