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MLM Blog TrainingMLM Blog Training is often asked….What is the difference between WordPress Pages and Posts?

There are a lot of similarities between WordPress Pages and Posts there are also some differences.  A lot of people let this overwhelm them.   But, if you can understand the differences and similarities noted below you should be able to move forward in adding content to your website/blog for your readers.

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MLM Blog Training – Similarities Between Pages And Posts

There are a number of steps or actions you take in creating a Page or a Post that are the same.  The word editor you use for creating a Page or a Post is the same.  You will be able to use the functionality of the word editor in formatting (underline, color fonts, block quotes, bullet points, etc.), adding images or videos,  saving drafts and publishing.

You will be able to show the author on either.  Create hyperlinks and trackbacks within Pages and Posts.   You will create a Title and Content for both.  In addition, the permalink structure you set up will be used by both.   And, it will be important for you to focus on optimizing keywords, title tags and other SEO strategies on the WordPress Pages and Posts.

MLM Blog Training – Differences Between Pages And Posts

WordPress Pages and PostsMLM Blog Training – WordPress Pages

WordPress Pages typically provide information that is somewhat timeless.   Classic examples are your “Home Page”,  “About You”, “Contact You Page” and other Pages were the information will remain somewhat static.   Other examples of common pages include Copyright, Legal Information, Reprint Permissions, Company Information, and Accessibility Statement.

Pages are usually in the top menu bar on your website/blog. Pages do not have the ability to be assigned tags or a category. Pages will not appear in your RSS feed of your website.  While Pages can allow for comments or discussion usually they are not allowed by the owner of the website/blog.

Pages can set up so you have subPages or Children of the parent Page.   This allows for more depth of content within your Pages and creates a hierarchy.  Depending on your theme, you can also assign different  templates  to your pages thereby making the Pages look dramatically different without affecting how your Posts look.

Reader Behavior on Pages:   Reader may be researching a certain topic and find a site with many useful Pages they can search through and find what they want to know because the Pages are static and the information is somewhat timeless.

WordPress Pages and PostsMLM Blog Training – WordPress Posts

WordPress Posts are like ongoing journal entries on several topics that are congruent to the overall theme or purpose of your website/blog.   There are usually far more Posts on your site than their are Pages.   The WordPress system is designed by default to display your most recent Post at the top and ofter the date of the Post is displayed.  The accumulation of your Post (with the most recent first) are  what make the Blog on your site.

You have the ability to add Tags or Categories to your posts.  Adding tags will allow your Posts to be organized for your reader.  In addition, placing Posts within Categories will organize related Posts, therefore, making it easier for your reader to find information they are looking for on your site.   Posts are usually archived by month also on your site.

The information within Posts tend to be more current or ongoing.  They are set up to be distributed via your RSS feed. Posts are also set up to encourage comments from the reader and discussions back and forth.  In addition, the author wants the reader to share the Posts via social media.  Posts are usually 500 to 700 words in length but should rarely be less than 250 words or over 1000 words.

Reader behavior of Posts:   Readers are looking for fresh, updated content.  Readers will normally come back to read the most recent Posts if they like your content and connect with you.   Therefore, it is important to create Posts on a regular and consistent bases as a way to encourage your readers to return.

Once you understand the difference and similarities between WordPress Pages and Posts outlined by MLM Blog Training, it will be easy for you to move forward publishing content for your readers.

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