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Renegade Team Blogging ChallengeRenegade Team Blogging Challenge jumped started MLM Blog Training and started another Stream of Income in my online business portfolio.  I had been struggling with how I wanted to move forward in developing a blog about showing other network marketers how to move their MLM online.   I knew so many people were tired of chasing friends and family like I had been and I wanted to show them how I had found a solution.

I had the domain name MLM Blog Training but just had not done anything with it except install WordPress and use it as a Landing Page.  It was really just sitting there collecting ‘internet’ dust.  Then…. Ann Sieg and The Renegade Team announced the “Renegade Team Blogging Challenge“!

First, you need to understand that I joined The Renegade Team several months earlier and was enjoying the benefits of all the training and mentorship offered within the team.  And, you need to know that The Renegade Team is an educational platform for teaching you how to market, advertise, promote and generate your own leads.  It does not compete with any other business you are working but instead shows you how to build that business more effectively.   It is a community of like minded entrepreneurs who want to learn how to take their business online and to the next level.

In late October 2011, Ann Sieg and Natasha Haslett collaborated and came up with the idea of a Renegade Team Blogging Challenge.    This was a 30 day challenge with certain qualifiers.   This challenge got me focused!   I wanted to win the challenge but more importantly I wanted to launch MLM Blog and have a platform where I could begin to teach other marketers how to move their business online.  Well, I won the challenge but I won so much more!   I’ll forever be gratify to Ann Sieg and The Renegade Team for developing this and other challenges within our team!

Renegade Team Blogging Challenge Results


In addition to the recognition for winning the Blogging Challenge, I also received financial benefits and increased by team which brought another level of success.  But, my efforts in the Blogging Challenge continue to bring me success and are moving my business forward.


 The benefits I’m now enjoying as noted above go far beyond being the winner of the Challenge.  Getting into action, getting focused by removing all the shiny objects placed in front of me and establishing goals and deadline is the secret to how I did it!  How do you put a dollar amount on the value and benefits of:

Getting first page ranking on Google with several keyword phrases – Increasing traffic to your blogs and getting opt ins to your compelling offer – Being asked by others for an interview – Being asked to write guest posts on other blogs – Having people contact you and want to join you MLM – Having clients contact you for coaching – and more!

Renegade Team Blogging Challenge Interview

As the winner of the Blogging Challenge, Ann Sieg interviewed Marsha Godwin, author and owner of MLM Blog Training.   Here Marsha shares with Ann what the challenge did to jump start and move forward in so many ways.

 Renegade Team Blogging Challenge

The Blogging Challenge and the benefits I received from it don’t begin to tell you the benefits I enjoying in my business from being part of The Renegade Team.  It truly has been the catalyst in moving my online business forward in so many ways!  To Learn More About The Renegade TeamClick Here!


PS…Renegade Team is now Daily Marketing Coach.  To learn more: Daily Marketing Coach

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