Renegade Team Certified Trainers

Renegade TeRenegade Team Certified Trainersam Certified Trainers were named by Ann Sieg for the Renegade Team.   The Trainers contribute to the Team in a variety of ways including but not limited to webinars, coaching, presenters at events and commenting on the Team’s Facebook Page.   In addition, the trainers assist in special projects and masterminding on ways to move the Team forward.

Renegade Team Certified Trainers

Marsha Godwin – Marsha is a Realtor with Corporate experience.  She is a blogging and keyword research coach, guest blogger and online/network/affiliate marketer.  Marsha is owner and author of and what she teaches on this blog is congruent with the Team philosophy of building your business around YOU.

Natasha Nassar – Natasha is a successful attorney and online marketer.  She is an author, guest blogger, product developer, network marketer and coach.

Rich Hazlett –  Rich spent years in advertising.  Today he is an effective online marketer with a proven track record in Pay Per Click Advertising.  He is a product developer, network marketer and coach.

Renegade Team

If you are interested in joining this Team, here is a sample of what you get by becoming a team member:

  • Exclusive access to the private Team training site which includes: videos, group calls, webinars, team meetings, live events, workshops, coaching and over $50,000 worth of additional bonuses and tools (Value: $2,818)
  • Participate in team brainstorming sessions and mastermind calls (Value: Priceless)
  • New and exciting income-producing team challenges every month! This is one of the big secrets of our success. (Value: $197 per challenge)
  • Ongoing support and personal guidance through our private community Facebook team page. (Value: Priceless)
  • Access to our proprietary “perpetual mini-launch model” marketing funnel, plus as many as 4-5 weekly *live* webinars for you to plug your leads into (it doesn’t matter what opportunity you are promoting) (Value: $15,000)
  • A one year complimentary subscription to Ann’s exclusive Leader’s Circle membership (Value: $1,164)
  • Additional opportunities by becoming a Renegade Team Certified Trainer!

We invite you to join us on the Renegade Team.  If you would like to learn more about joining this team and learn how to build and market your business online:  Contact Marsha

Renegade Team Certified Trainers

The Certified Trainers are selected by Ann Sieg after they have met certain criteria.   More Trainers will be added from the Inner Circle in the future.


PS…Renegade Team is now Daily Marketing Coach.  To learn more: Daily Marketing Coach

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