Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge

Renegade Team Creating An Offer ChallengeRenegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge also known as The Holiday Hustle was the 2nd Challenge offered by Ann Sieg and The Renegade Team.  Eric Walker, Social Media Manager for 80/20 Marketing, Inc., helped the team members create their offer through out the month of December 2011.   Then Eric judged the Creating An Offer Challenge entries and announced the winners in early January 2012.

The purpose of the Challenge was to assist the team members in Creating an Offer or an Ethical Bribe that they would be able to use on their blog in order to get opt ins.  Opt Ins to your offer are a critical step to building your list.  You want to create an offer that is so compelling that your reader would be willing to give you their name, email address or other information you are wanting.  The more compelling your offer the more opt ins you are likely.  This is the most effective way to build your email list.   Your email list is your most valuable business asset so you want to learn to master the skill of listing building.

Eric created training videos to assist the team members through the process of  Creating an Offer and he also offered one on one coaching for those who requested extra attention.  Some of his videos included topics such as:

  • Introducing The Holiday Hustle and Getting Started
  • How To Create A Lead Capture Page With Blogger
  • More Training On How To Create Your Offer

The training and support offered in The Renegade Team, by the support staff and fellow Team members is just priceless.  It is such a like minded community of go-givers who are learning how to move their business online and to the next level.

Creating An Offer Challenge Winner

OnlineWithWordPressMLM Blog and Marsha Godwin was excited to win the Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge.     The compelling offer created was for  Online with WordPress eBook.   This is a 38 page step by step guide to getting WordPress installed and set up and it also includes an ongoing Newsletter filled with tips and resources.

The Squeeze Page was created using OptimizePress.  What you say on the Squeeze Page can be instrumental in getting someone to want to opt in, therefore, getting them on your list!   The training offered with the Renegade Team Membership site was beneficial in developing this Squeeze Page which is now getting me opt ins!  If you’d like to see the Squeeze Page  and even sign up for the eBook I’m offering then:   Click Here!

Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge Interview

Ann Sieg interviews Marsha Godwin, author and owner of MLM Blog about the Challenge and the value of Challenges.   Listen and learn what Marsha says about how this 2nd Challenge continued to move her online business forward.

Ann points out that the first Challenge, Renegade Team Blogging Challenge, provided a solid foundation by creating congruent content on MLM Blog and how Challenge #2 was designed to build on top of that foundation.   She emphasizes the importance of making your compelling offer congruent with your blog and something of value that your read will want.   She also talks about how The Renegade Team is focused on developing marketers!


Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge Benefits

The benefits MLM Blog and I received from this Challenge are numerous!   And, I can’t begin to tell you all the benefits I am enjoying in my business from being part of The Renegade Team.  It truly has been the catalyst in moving my online business forward in so many ways!  To Learn More About The Renegade Team and the upcoming ChallengesClick Here!

PS…Renegade Team is now Daily Marketing Coach.  To learn more: Daily Marketing Coach


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