Renegade Team WorkShop Speakers

Renegade Team

Renegade Team Workshop Speakers came prepared to inform, share, educate, energize, motivate and inspire the attendees of the Renegade Team Workshop in Minnesota in January 2012.

This was an action oriented event.  The goal was not just to present the 30 attendees steps they needed to take it was to truly get them into action!  Therefore, the event consisted of an open format, Q&A, Hot Seats, interaction between WorkShop Speakers and the attendees, live streaming, working lunches and more.

Renegade Team WorkShop SpeakersRenegade Team Workshop Speakers

Renegade Team WorkShop Speakers

The agenda was robust and interactive.   The WorkShop was led by Ann Sieg and the the Renegade Team WorkShop Speakers included:

  • Natasha Hazlett – Identifying Your Niche and USP
  • Marsha Godwin – Keyword Research and SEO Optimizing Your Blog
  • Eric Walker – Marketing Funnel Set Up and Optimization
  • Rich Hazlett – Traffic Generation: Free and Paid
  • Justin Gehring – Promoting Your MLM Into Your Funnel
  • Curt Johsnon – Closing Your Leads Into Sales

Marsha, Natasha and Rich are Renegade Team Certified Trainers.   Ann Sieg’s 80/20 Marketing Team consisted of Curt Johnson, Director of Coaching; Eric Walker, Social Media Manager and Justin Gehring, WebMaster.

It was amazing to watch a small group of online entrepreneurs or soon to be online entrepreneurs absorb the information and begin to talk about how they could assimilate the information into their businesses.  You literally and figurative could see the attendees get it!  You could hear the eagerness and enthusiasm in their conversations both inside and outside the event room.  You could watch then sharing ideas and finding breakthroughs as the event progressed.

Renegade Team WorkShop Speakers

It has now been about 60 days since the WorkShop and we are already seeing great strides some of the attendees are making in their learning and businesses online.   I believe the Speakers were an important part of the attendees development but I also strongly believe that coming to an event and making connections with other like minded people is priceless.   Many of the attendees have become friends and are working together to support each others efforts.

You can learn from books, webinars, online training, coaching  but there is nothing to compare to the benefits you can gain by being a part of an action packed live WorkShop.

The next WorkShop will be held in Minnesota in July 2012.  If you want to learn more about how you can move your business forward then plan on joining us at our next live event and learn from the Renegade Team WorkShop SpeakersClick Here

PS…Renegade Team is now Daily Marketing Coach.  To learn more: Daily Marketing Coach

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