Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouReplicated websites do not brand you, therefore, they should play a limited and specific role in your MLM Business.   I know your MLM Company probably really encourages you to sign up and use the company’s website.  And, I do think there is a place for a replicated site within your business but it should not be the first thing you share with a prospect.  It should not be your only presence on the internet.  Nor should it be the web presence you try to use for lead generation.

You need to set yourself apart!!!  You need to brand YOU and replicated websites do not brand you.  Think about it, if you were looking for a nutritional product (or some other product or service) and someone sent you to the same website that several others have sent you to why would you want to do business with them?   What sets you apart?  The replicated website is branding the company and the product…. it is not branding YOU.

MLM Blog Training thinks you need to have your own website/blog and lead with it.  Your own blog will brand YOU and if you do it correctly it will show you as the person the reader can turn to for assistance with their needs and as a provider of answers, information and solutions.

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You

There are a number of reasons why replicated websites have a limited or specific application within your MLM Business.  All of the reasons listed below are tied directly or indirectly to the failure of the replicated website to brand YOU.

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouFirst and foremost you have no control over the site the provide!  Your company owns this site.  What happens if you change MLM companies or if the company goes under?  If you only have the replicated site you have lost your identity with your customer.  Your replicated website can not establish your brand.


Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouThe content on the replicated site is duplicated.   Your site is identical to everyone else’s site.  The search engines do not like this and they will not idex these sites.   Therefore, your replicated site will not assist you in building traffic.  And, if your content is the same as everyone else it has done nothing to build your brand.


Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouThe replicated websites are only interested in branding the company and the products of the company.  It will not brand YOU and it is very important that you are branding YOU online.   Your prospect wants to know what makes you differ from the hundreds of other distributors within your company with the same website.


Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouBecause you have no control (as noted above), you can not make changes to the site, you can not optimize your replicated website with keywords, links, etc. to assist you in search engine optimization.  Again, because you have no control you have no brand.


Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouBecause you can not optimize the website, your opportunity for lead generation is greatly diminished.  One of your website/blog main purposes is to assist you in lead generation.   How do you attract leads to you when you are the same as everyone else.


Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouYou have no opportunity to determine  what information is shared with your prospect.  The company decides what they put on the website.   Therefore, the company controls another aspect of what your prospect see and doesn’t see and you are just one of many distributors offering the same company information.


Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouThe replicated site in many cases does not collect prospect names on a list or if they do they may own the list.  At the very least, because you did not have an opportunity to capture those names and email addresses in your autoresponder you are not building your list.  The money is in the list and you want to own the list.

If you presently have a MLM Business, how do you use your company’s replicated website?   How do you use your company’s replicated website in marketing your MLM Business?   Can you think of other reasons why a replicated website should be used in a limited or specific way?

Yes, your replicated site is a good place to send someone after you have built a relationship with them.  Once you have branded YOU in their mind as a person of authority on a topic or someone that can assist them with their needs.  Once you have built that relationship then it could be the  right time to introduce your prospects to your MLM Company and the replicated site.  Just remember…replicated websites do not brand you.

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You So Start Your Own Blog

So,  since Replicated Websites  Do Not Brand You I recommend starting your own blog! can help guide your through creating your online presence with a blog.   And,  if you are looking for additional guidance, then I’d suggest you consider my Course called



Marsha Godwin


Marsha Godwin
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  1. Marsha…thank you for explaining this so clearly.

    And thank you for your advice about how to narrow my branding phrases down….and all the advice on how to do the marketing research.

    I had very little idea about all the factors involved…and how to decide on the most beneficial words to optimize my chances for success.

    Your words of support and guidance gave me the confidence to keep “working it”until I landed it!

    A big WOW on all the research you’ve done… and how you’v gotten out there to share with all of us… it’s awesome!

    Best to you,

  2. Marsha, another pitfall of replicated sites is that they are often these image-rich flash sites with lots of, well, flash, and not a lot of searchable text for SEO purposes.

    It amazes me that a company will spend a bundle on a flash website that nobody can find. How much more the poor little fledgling entrepreneur who is tricked into using a company site that nobody can find!

    As someone who has been involved in network marketing for 15 years, I can say with confidence that you want to brand YOURSELF in case you change companies, or your deal goes out of business, or whatever. You, however, will still be you.
    Susan Critelli recently posted..ResumeBear’s Online Tools and Tracking Give Job Seekers a Competitive Edge – for FREEMy Profile

  3. Once again great material from you Marsha! I am so new to the blogging business world and somewhat struggle to the right thing, but with your articles and tutorials I don’t have to learn the hard way! Thanks’
    Nina Gibson recently posted..IndependenceMy Profile

  4. Hi Marsha. this is such valuable information for network marketers to be aware of.

    I was one of those people who was convinced that we could use our company site as a way to find new customers and prospects. Our company told us that 🙂 But even more foolish for me was that I thought I owned my customers contact info and only used the company’s tools to communicate with them. After all I was the one who had recruited them, trained them and took care of them. Then I dropped down a level in the comp plan for a short while and suddenly I had no access to their info. Big eye opener for me. As soon as I could I moved my list to my own email management program. Much more flexibility and control and no one can take those names away from me again.

    Ruth Narveson recently posted..The New Rules Of MoneyMy Profile

    • Hi Ruth….

      I’m sorry to read that you learned this lesson the hard way. So many people just don’t understand their company’s policy regarding customers and their replicated sites. I’m so glad to see that you took control of your email list, customers and business….your efforts will serve you very well.


  5. Hi Marsha:

    Good stuff. I remember talking to a potential client that thought they had a “personalized” site simply because they were allowed their name and pic on their company’s replicated site. Along the same lines is that network marketers and affiliate marketers need to realize they are competing with those in their own company – replicated sites give you no strategic advantage… they have their place at the end of a “funnel” – thanks for getting new online entrepreneurs off to the right start.

  6. Marsha, Your statements about the weaknesses and perils of a replicated website provide valuable information to your typical network marketer. I am sure most network marketers and especially the “newbies” and the part-timers are not aware of these perils. The facts presented here should convince any serious network marketer that they must have a blog/website of their own.

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