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Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You

Replicated Websites Do Not Brand YouReplicated websites do not brand you, therefore, they should play a limited and specific role in your MLM Business.   I know your MLM Company probably really encourages you to sign up and use the company’s website.  And, I do think there is a place for a replicated site within your business but it should not be the first thing you share with a prospect.  It should not be your only presence on the internet.  Nor should it be the web presence you try to use for lead generation.

You need to set yourself apart!!!  You need to brand YOU and replicated websites do not brand you.  Think about it, if you were looking for a nutritional product (or some other product or service) and someone sent you to the same website that several others have sent you to why would you want to do business with them?   What sets you apart?  The replicated website is branding the company and the product…. it is not branding YOU. Read More→

MLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 Contest

MLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 ContestMLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 Contest!

The Top 50 winners were officially announced Friday, December 23, 2012.     This year there were 92 contestants participating in the contest.   These contestants generated 4465 votes in total.  This was the 4th consecutive year for the  Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest.

The contest offered excitement and intense competition.  In addition, we all began aware of other MLM Bloggers in the industry and we built relationships with others in the industry.  It was a great learning experience and offered great exposure to each of our blogs.

This year the contest, run by and My Lead System Pro was a real success.  Prizes totaling over $7,000 were offered  by Ray Higdon, Natasha Nassar Hazlett, Frank J. Marino, Mark Harbert, Roxana Hannah and George Fourie.

This was the first year participated in the contest.  Needless to say, I was thrilled with the results and my blogs ranking – MLM Blog Training #10 In Top MLM Blogs 2012 Contest. Read More→

Why I Need A MLM Blog

Why I Need A MLM BlogWhy I Need A MLM Blog for my MLM Business is a question I’m asked all the time by Network Marketers who do not have an online presence.   Then the next thing they usually say is “My company provides me with a replicated website that I can use to promote my MLM so why do I need a blog”.  If I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a hundred times.  I don’t want to offend anyone but that attitude is so old school and it puts you and your business in a very very risky position!

All the reps in the company have a replicated website so what makes you different?  What happens if the company changes the comp plan or closes their doors and the business you built is gone? Read More→

Email List Building

Email List BuildingEmail List Building is a very important component of your online business.   I wish when I started that I had fully understood the importance of having an email list and working the list.

Your list is in many ways a business asset.  Emailing to your list is your direct connection with your reader.   This asset provides you the most effective way to create a line of communication and build a relationship with your reader.   Emailing your list can be more powerful and can provide more results than your blog post, Facebook status or tweet. Read More→

Renegade Team Certified Trainers

Renegade TeRenegade Team Certified Trainersam Certified Trainers were named by Ann Sieg for the Renegade Team.   The Trainers contribute to the Team in a variety of ways including but not limited to webinars, coaching, presenters at events and commenting on the Team’s Facebook Page.   In addition, the trainers assist in special projects and masterminding on ways to move the Team forward. Read More→


Easy WP SEOEasy WP SEO has by far become the favorite plugin for MLM Blog Training!  I kind of think of it like having my own SEO Consultant that analyzes and then helps me optimize each blog post.    This plugin scores how I use the keyword phrase utilizing over 23 proven on page SEO factors.   If my scoring is off, I simply make the necessary adjustments to the post and I can improve my score.   It just could not be any easier and it only take a few extra minutes to enhance my SEO on each blog post. Read More→

Ann Sieg Renegade Team Workshop

Renegade TeamAnn Sieg Renegade Team Workshop was held in Minnesota in January 2012.  What an event!  This was the first Renegade Team Workshop and Ann Sieg along with her 80/20 Marketing Team over delivered.

A group of approximately 30 entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and businesses showed up to this working event to learn, to take action, to support each other and to create momentum in their individual businesses.   The size of this group was perfect because it gave us the opportunity to really focus on each person and what was needed to get their business moving forward. Read More→

MLM Blog Code

MLM Blog CodeMLM Blog Code is the next video series offered by Ty Tribble.  This time  he really kicks it up a notch!!!   If you are serious about building your business around a blog and creating an online business then you really need to take advantage of everything offered in MLM Blog Code.

Ty goes into everything, all the secrets he did not reveal in MLM Blog Secrets!   He goes into much greater depth and detail within the 6 modules within MLM Blog Code. Read More→

MLM Blog Secrets

MLM Blog SecretsMLM Blog Secrets is brought to you by the #1 Blogger Ty Tribble.   He shares blogging secrets and tips in this step by step tutorial series.

MLM Blog Training uses MLM Blog Secrets as one of the compontents of our training platform.   We feel this series will give you a solid foundation as you begin to create your blog and build your MLM online business.

This series was much anticipated  and lived up to expectations.   As a way to introduce you to MLM Blog Secrets, I am providing 3 videos that I think you will find to be very informative. Read More→

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE Advanced

MLM Blog Training Recommends TinyMCE AdvancedMLM Blog Training recommends TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin for your blog.  This is a powerful WordPress Plugin that gives the user the ability to edit your pages and posts in the WYSIWYG word editor.

This plugin is easy to install, configure and then use.   As of today, there has already been over 1,131,400 downloads of this plugins and it has gotten really positive ratings.  Once you install and active you can review and then select the WYSIWYG buttons that you would like to have on the editor toolbar. Read More→