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Renegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge

Renegade Team Creating An Offer ChallengeRenegade Team Creating An Offer Challenge also known as The Holiday Hustle was the 2nd Challenge offered by Ann Sieg and The Renegade Team.  Eric Walker, Social Media Manager for 80/20 Marketing, Inc., helped the team members create their offer through out the month of December 2011.   Then Eric judged the Creating An Offer Challenge entries and announced the winners in early January 2012. Read More→

Renegade Team Blogging Challenge


Renegade Team Blogging ChallengeRenegade Team Blogging Challenge jumped started MLM Blog Training and started another Stream of Income in my online business portfolio.  I had been struggling with how I wanted to move forward in developing a blog about showing other network marketers how to move their MLM online.   I knew so many people were tired of chasing friends and family like I had been and I wanted to show them how I had found a solution.

I had the domain name MLM Blog Training but just had not done anything with it except install WordPress and use it as a Landing Page.  It was really just sitting there collecting ‘internet’ dust.  Then…. Ann Sieg and The Renegade Team announced the “Renegade Team Blogging Challenge“! Read More→