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Before You Start Your WordPress Blog

MLM Blog TrainingBefore you start your WordPress blog there are a few things you should do.   MLM Blog Training will walk you through some of the things you should consider and some research you should do  first before you  start blogging.   Our goal is to get you off on the right foot and to increase your chances of having a successful blog sooner than later.

Most people jump right into blogging without having thought it through.  I’ll admit it can be a little hard to think everything through when it is all new to you.   So hopefully you will find the guidance you need throughout this blog. Read More→

WordPress Broken Link Checker

WordPress Broken Link CheckerWordPress Broken Link Checker goes on my list of favorite plugins.    Imagine getting an email or finding a note in your back office dashboard when there is a link broken on your blog!

Most all blog posts contain a link, an image, a YouTube video, etc.  You can be pretty certain that at some point your reader will click on a link that will take them to a  “404 Not Found” error page.    If this happens, you are likely to irritate your reader if not loose them all together because they are off to another post or even worst someone else’s blog. Read More→

MLM Blog Training – Why WordPress For Your MLM Blog?

Why Use WordPress For Your MLM BlogMLM Blog Training believes there are a number of reasons why you should use WordPress for your MLM Blog.  If you are involved in an MLM you need to get online and create your own MLM Blog as soon as possible!   WordPress is the platform you want to use to build your presence on the internet.

WordPress is most commonly known as a blogging platform but it is rapidly growing in popularity as a website platform for large and small businesses and home based businesses. Read More→