The Renegade Team

The Renegade TeamThe Renegade Team is an educational platform for teaching you how to market, advertise, promote and generate your own leads while building the brand of ‘You’.   The Team does not compete with any other business you are working but instead shows you how to build that business more effectively.   It is a community of like minded entrepreneurs who want to learn how to take their business online and to the next level.

Ann Sieg launched The Renegade Team in the summer of 2011.  I was thrilled when she and Curt Johnson asked me to be one of the Founding Members.    I didn’t know exactly what it would mean to be a part of the team but I knew Ann and Curt well enough to know it would be awesome.   Plus, I had read Ann’s books: 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto and The Renegade Network Marketer.  And, I’d attended events where she was the speaker and I had purchased some of her products or recommended products.  I knew she was the real deal!   And, I knew that whatever they were doing it would help me move my online business further and forward in a more effective and profitable way.

The Renegade Team

So, what is The Renegade Team?  How can The Team benefit you and your business?

Let me just give you a few examples of what you will experience by being a part of The Renegade Team:

  • Training Site – exclusive access to the Team’s training which includes: videos, group calls, webinars, team meetings, live events, workshops, coaching and over $50,000 worth of additional bonuses and tools
  • Team – access to a group of people who are like-minded and supportive.   Your teammates are eager to provide assistance and direction which can drastically shorten your learning curve.
  • Community –  You are not alone.  Your in a community of people who have the same eagerness to learn, share and succeed.  This Facebook community is a safe place to ask for help or guidance and a place to share with other what you know or have learned.
  • System – You are provided a step by step system that guides you through the process of building the brand of ‘You’.   This system is available to your 24/7.   You can follow the system at your own pace.
  • Challenges – You get the opportunity to participate in “team challenges”.   Sometimes you are in a healthy competition with your teammates and other times you are competing against yourself.   The challenge is designed to facilitate your learning and enhance your marketing skills.
  • Basics – Some of the basics taught are: Mindset and Goal Setting, Finding your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), Finding Your Niche, Using The Google Keyword Tool, How To Set Up a WordPress Blog, How To Capture Leads with an Autoresponder, How To Generate Traffic to Your Blog and How To Master the Art of Attraction Marketing.
  • Marketing Funnel – Access to our proprietary “perpetual mini-launch model” marketing funnel, plus access to several weekly *live* webinars for you to plug your leads into.
  • Customer Service – when you do have certain issues there is a Customer Service Department who will follow up to assist.
  • Mentors – In addition to Ann and her 80/20 Team there is a mentoring environment and always other knowledgeable mentors on the team who are willing to provide direction and guidance.
  • Mastermind Sessions – Participate in team mastermind and brainstorming webinars  with Ann Sieg and her 80/20 Team, a group of highly successful and talented Marketer.
  • Live Events – Opportunity to attend ‘live’ events throughout the year where you can meet Ann , the 80/20 Team and your fellow teammates in addition to special guests.

The Renegade Team

If you want to know more, then I’d encourage you to join us.  NO Risks!  There is a monthly membership fee but no contract.   I am a testimonial to how being part of this team can turn your business around if you commit to it.   In addition to, I have other blogs and am building multiple streams of income along with an income producing team.

Is your business where you want it to be?  Have you been wanting to build a business online?   Have you been looking for a system and coaching?  Something tells me you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  To learn more or to join:  The Renegade Team!


PS…Renegade Team is now Daily Marketing Coach.  To learn more: Daily Marketing Coach

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  1. Hi Marsha: Good information. With the launch of the Inner Circle, I haven’t heard of any other program or system out there like what Ann has put together. Congrats on being a certified trainer for her. Looking forward to training with you again in MN in August!

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