Why I Need A MLM Blog

Why I Need A MLM BlogWhy I Need A MLM Blog for my MLM Business is a question I’m asked all the time by Network Marketers who do not have an online presence.   Then the next thing they usually say is “My company provides me with a replicated website that I can use to promote my MLM so why do I need a blog”.  If I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a hundred times.  I don’t want to offend anyone but that attitude is so old school and it puts you and your business in a very very risky position!

All the reps in the company have a replicated website so what makes you different?  What happens if the company changes the comp plan or closes their doors and the business you built is gone?

 Why I Need A MLM Blog?

Let me make sure you understand where I’m coming from and what I am and am not recommending when I answer the question ‘Why I Need A MLM Blog?’   First, I  do not recommend you create a blog to just push your MLM products or your MLM opportunity.  People do not want to be sold.   If you are going to create a blog that is a duplication of  your replicated site then it is not worth your time and I recommend you don’t even start.

If , however, you see the value of  truly owning your own business, if you want to build something no one can take from you or change the rules on you,  if you want the opportunity for multiple stream of income and if you want the opportunity to create your own leads then I’d recommend you seriously think about starting a blog.

5 Answers To Why I Need A MLM Blog

There are numerous answers to the question ‘Why I Need A MLM Blog’ but here what I believe to be my top 5.

– To build trust and a relationship with your potential customer.  If you do so they will follow your direction and suggestions.

– To build your business around you.  This gives you the opportunity to build your business around what you offer.

– To provide a solution, to solve a problem, to answer a question, to offer value to your potential customers.

– To build a business foundation that no one can take away from you.   You will own your business.

– To build a platform that you can use to attract people to you and your business.  This will allow you to generate your own leads.

For more information on Why I Need A MLM Blog not just a Replicated Website You might want to read: Replicated Websites Do Not Brand You

I Now Know Why I Need A MLM Blog…Now What?

Well your first step is to know ‘Why I Need A MLM Blog‘.  Now the next step is to get into action.    MLMBlogTraining.com is a great resource for you in creating your MLM Blog.  In addition, you can contact me and we can discuss some options for your getting started.


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  1. Dear Marsha,
    Thank you for the nice information. I just downloaded your ebook. I am sure it is good. I just want to know if I am on the right track.

    Honestly, I come from different industry than MLM and your ABOUT page was more or less my story. High positions in previous careers…etc.

    Very useful information!

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