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Your About You PageYour About You Page is probably one of the most important and most viewed Pages on your blog so make sure your don’t treat it as an afterthought.   It is your chance to make an impression and connect with your reader.

Your readers want to know about you but more importantly they want to know whether you are going to be able to assist them, provide a solution or address a need .   Your About You Page can make a difference as to whether a visitor will continue to come back to your blog and follow you.  Your About You Page is where you can build TRUST with your reader.

8 Ways To Improve Your About You Page

Focus On Your Reader’s Needs – Sorry to tell you but your reader is not interested in what your do!  Your reader is interested in what you can do for them: solutions, benefits, information, resources, etc.   They are interested in WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

Facts Not Fluff – Don’t fill Your About You Page with high praise of yourself and fluff.   Just give your reader the facts about you, your experiences, your success and failures and they will determine if you are the person that can assist them.  Fluff is boring while candor is compelling.   Be who you are while letting your reader know how your knowledge, talents, skills and experience is going to assist them.    If you do so, then you have a reader that is going to follow you and your blog.

Use Your Photos – You want your audience to get to know you and feel comfortable with you.  Share pictures of you, your family (if you are comfortable doing so), activities you participate in, trips you’ve taken, conferences you have attended, etc.   Don’t use stock photos on Your About You Page.

Add A Video – By adding a video you are giving your reader a way to feel like you are connecting with them and vice versa.  Just make a short video that welcomes your reader, share some things about yourself and let them know how you can assist.   If you know your niche then you know what your reader is looking for, just address that in your video.

Provide Social Proof – Share with your reader what others are saying about you.   Let your reader see that others have benefited from what you are offering.  Add testimonials.  Even if your blog is new there is someone that will write a short two to three sentences about how you assisted them.

Just Be Real – Just be yourself!  Write Your About You Page as if you are talking to a friend.  Have a little fun with it!   Share the problems or failure you have experienced to show your reader that you have walked in their shoes and you have found a solution that you now want to share with others.

Call To Action – Always have a Call To Action!  You want to guide your reader where you want them to go.  Examples would be: give them the link to another blog post you wrote that you think is relevant, provide a link to a product you recommend, etc.

Continue To Tweak – Your About You Page should be a work in progress.  As events or circumstances in your life happen you may want to update your blog.  Example: If you win an award that would be relevant to your reader, you might want to mention it in your blog.

Your About You Page Needs To Show You Care

Zig Ziglar When I work with someone regarding Your About You Page I’m always reminded of the quote from Zig Ziglar. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

For someone to want to follow you, you need to build TRUST.  They need to know that you understand where they are coming from and that you are there to help in one way or another.

 The Purpose Of Your About You Page

Don’t forget the purpose of Your About You Page!  There are two purposes to Your About You Page.    First, you are presenting yourself to the reader but second and most important you are trying to make a connection with your reader.  Use Your About You Page to build a relationship with your reader and then earn the TRUST of your reader.



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  1. Hey Marsha, thank you so much for this awesome article on how to create your About You Page. “It is your chance to make an impression and connect with your reader”. I totally agree with this. You have explained the correct process to help make sure that this happens, as well as the integral parts and information necessary. Thanks again.
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